Janelle Dockery
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Janelle Dockery aka Nen Nen is a model and actress with big dreams despite her 4’11 stature. A true New Yorker, Janelle was born and raised in The Bronx. The actress favors shopping and exploring the big city as she looks to discover new places and try new foods & desserts. “I love attending events like Comic-Con and making new friends. Traveling as well,” says Janelle. Despite her busy schedule, Janelle is always making time for new adventures while adding to her bucket list, “I mostly want to travel to Europe. I would love to swim with dolphins, visit Vegas, and even dance on a float for carnival.”

Janelle is coming into her own, working tirelessly, hoping to one day catch her big break: both in the entertainment industry and love. Socially, the starlet enjoys a nice glass of Ciroc and cranberry juice; perhaps even when invited out on a date with what she would describe as her ideal mate, “My ideal mate is adventurous. A person who does not judge others based on their race, sexuality, and gender. A person that is supportive of my dreams and can make me laugh. As well as someone who is up to date on cultural issues that plague our communities.” She remains on the lookout for such a man--proud and steadfast in her endeavors. Janelle is pleased with herself, noting her passions have long since been both modeling and acting, now, she is accomplishing her goals, one day at a time.