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Kenya Clark

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Welcome to the world of Kenya, Kickin’ It Wit Kenya, that is. The podcast show host born in York, PA but raised in Harlem, NY describes herself as good-natured, romantic, and passionate. From background work in movies like “Big Daddy” to earning her Masters Degree in Childhood Education, Kenya is an all-around go-getter. The jack honey social drinker has been working on her show for quite some time, describing her time spent in front of the camera and behind the mic as “feeling at home.” Kickin’ it Wit Kenya is a talk show that interviews and collaborates with people from different backgrounds of entertainment (reality tv, influencers, actors, and more).


Passionate about her show, the dog-mom, Kenya cites one of her skills as making people feel comfortable--both as a show host and educator we can see the two going hand in hand. Hoping to one day win an Emmy for her show, Kenya remains optimistic, both at work and in play. A bucket list filled with travel, the podcast host is interested in trips to Dubai, Iceland, Thailand, and Africa. But while dating apps like Hinge showcase many men on their wonderful trips, Kenya is signed in but still having a hard time finding her Mr. Right. “My first relationship was toxic! We were two young kids with access to drinks and no guidance. He was sweet but could be very mean. I wasn’t innocent either. My second relationship was cheating! He cheated on me and I retaliated. There was no trust. In my third relationship, simply put, we did not put the time in that was needed to work on us. I am not committed to anyone at this time”


So what does a woman like Kenya want in a man? Someone who can breathe life into her and is looking to build. As the first in her immediate family to attend college, Kenya speaks to breaking generational curses but will also like space to finally be weak. “As a Black woman I’m always congratulated on my strength and my ability to “hold a man down,” but when is someone going to hold me down? Where is my peace? Who can I lean on? I’m always the breadwinner in my relationships. Can I for once ask someone for some money?” she laughs.

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