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10 Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

by Nick Loggie, Sponsored Post

All of us have been to at least one wedding in our lifetime. The theme, the venue, the wedding cake, the booze, and the first dance! Weddings are some of the most unique occasions and are revered across the world. People spend months, even years planning the perfect wedding as this is the most important day in their lives. If you've been to a wedding, you probably remember all the significant moments and events that took place. But how do you remember that? If you think about it, one can barely remember these moments once the wedding is over.

So, it's the pictures and the videos that keep the moments alive! When you think about it, small things such as the guestbook, unknowingly play a major role in a wedding. So, if you're planning a wedding, or your wedding is around the corner, you have to know that picture books or guest books are going to be extremely memorable in the future. Thus, you can't afford to not have one at your wedding.

While there are thousands of ideas when it comes to a guestbook for a wedding, we ought to move ahead with the trends, and away from traditional forms of practices. Although the concept of a guestbook is timeless, there are several non-traditional guestbook alternatives that one can use in their wedding.

Let us check out 10 such different alternatives.


The Polaroid guest book idea has been trending for quite some time now. The concept is easy and doable. All you have to do is place several Polaroid cameras all over the venue for guests to click pictures of themselves and others! This is a great idea as your professional cameraman couldn't possibly capture every picturesque moment at the wedding, he's bound to miss a few.

So why not leave it to the guests themselves? This will help them interact with one another, and allow them to capture images of others uniquely! The guests may then leave their pictures in a scrapbook along with a personal message. This gives it a personal touch and shows that you care for the guests who could show up for your wedding.


The purpose of this guestbook is to have the leaves of a tree filled with the guest signatures. This one's also a trending guestbook idea, which is non-traditional and is perfect for a couple who are environmentalists and love DIY. Such a guest book will be a memorable experience for the guests as well, who get the opportunity to interact with one another at your wedding.


This is one of the most unique and popular ideas! As the name suggests, you draw a beautiful tree with branches and have your guests impress their thumbprints on the branches as the leaves of this huge tree! These 'thumbprint leaves' can also be signed by respective guests. This is an artistic way of looking at the traditional guest book concept, as it also symbolizes the family tree you and your spouse started and all the people at the birth of it!

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Yet another striking and popular idea for a non-traditional guestbook idea is to ask your guests to write small, personal messages on a piece of paper, perhaps some words of wisdom, and put it inside a glass container with a cork! This kind of guest book boasts creativity and allows guests to use their imagination. For creativity, you can also have them sign or write messages on stones and white pebbles!


If you two are into music, big-time, and/or were together in a band, there couldn't be a more perfect guest book idea for your wedding than this! Have your guests sign and write messages on old albums, guitars, violins, and old cassettes. You can make this even more meaningful by playing your favorite songs, including 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You Wedding Dance', at the wedding.


Well, you cannot go wrong with this one! A wedding video guestbook is sure to keep your guests hooked on your big day wherein you can ask your guests to record special video messages for you, which can then be saved for later, making the best memory. This will just need a QR code scanning from the mobiles to start the recording. That’s it! No downloads, no technical skills required. Just click, scan, record, and save. You can create the QR codes effortlessly with an easy QR code generator, making the process smooth and hassle-free.


If you're looking for something that gives your wedding guest book an effect of the beach, think of anything that reminds you of a beach or the ocean, such as a surfboard, sea shells, oars, and stones. Further, the 'message in a bottle' idea would perfectly accent the beach theme.


Having your guests sign on champagne and wine bottles is also a great idea for a non-traditional guest book alternative. Not only is it unique but you can reuse all the used bottles for the wedding.


You could also have your guests sign a huge globe, or write messages on the continent they'd like you to visit as a couple! It's a great way to start a journey together.


A serving tray can be used as a guest book! Not only will it accent the coffee tables but you can either place it as an artwork in your house or use it as a unique serving tray at home. When it comes to weddings, one can let their imagination run wild. There are no wrongs when it comes to art and imagination. So, whether it's a globe, a tray or even a video guest book, as long as it is unique and meaningful, you can use it at your wedding!


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