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10 Black Photographers to Watch!

by Allison Mann

Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels

Fashion Photographers

RONAN MCKENZIE Mckenzie is a young female photographer who grew up in East London’s Walthamstow, and uses her major platform to create powerful, edgy fashion editorial images. She stands for diversity and ensures that it shines in her work. Fun fact! She started as a fashion stylist before straying to discover her true passion for fashion photography. She is a major inspiration for young designers and an immaculate photographer herself.


Lemons is a fashion photographer whose work is centered around his upbringing as a black man. His muse and subjects often are representative of this; however, he also stands for LGBTQ+ and popular culture and portrays this through his work as well. His photos often portray a hybrid between reality and fantasy, hence why viewers are so captivated by his unique work. It’s simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar, making him a fascinating and intriguing fashion photographer.


Addy is not only a fashion photographer and father, but he has conquered the world of directing. But wait, there’s more! He is the founder of Nii Agency as well as Nii Journal, which are programs focusing on empowerment and representation within race. He has shot covers for extremely well-known publications such as Rolling Stone and WSJ. He has shot Tyler the Creator, Kendall Jenner, and SZA. His work is quirky and fun, with a modern edge.


Shamayim might just be one of the best fashion photographers of our time. I mean seriously. Her work is absolutely exquisite. It portrays fashion in an entirely new modern light, all while showcasing women empowerment and diversity. Honored by TIME Magazine and The Smithsonian Institute… and we can totally see why.


Ossai, a UK based fashion photographer, exemplifies her Nigerian heritage in her fashion photography. Her work can be seen with companies such as FENTY Beauty, Teen Vogue, and Business of Fashion. Scrolling through her feed will give you a sense of joy and good spirits, with her use of bright colors, angular poses, and captivating pattern mixing.


Known for his B&W Instagram filled with faces that even your uncle would recognize, Noire is a celebrity photographer who captures celebrities on stage. You have to give him props because shooting something like a performance takes mad talent. Performers are always in motion, even if they are standing still. The way Noire captures the essence of music and performing in a poetic black and white photo is absolutely mesmerizing.


Isiah’s portrait photography consists of dominantly intimate and emotional photos. Every portrait has a way of evoking a different emotion, whether it be vulnerability, togetherness, hardship, or joy. His work is a hypnotizing array of authentic images that focus on one of two subjects in nature.


An NYC-based photographer for familiar companies like Hypebeast, Apple, VSCO, and more, proves how versatile one photographer can be, while still staying true to his personal style and technique. He focuses his work around subjects that are in motion and utilizes camera techniques that make his photos literally seem as if they are coming to life.



Mcfadden is known for his portraiture that explores themes related to self-exploration and identity, history, race, and sexuality. His powerful images are sure to leave any viewer in awe. His recent documentation of BLM Protests are empowering, strong, and inspiring. Images that we all undoubtedly need to see.


Gold is not just an immaculate portrait photographer; she is also an entrepreneur! She is the founder and creative director of a clothing brand called A.Au whose inventory includes handmade household pieces. If she hasn’t already inspired you enough, might I add that she is also a producer at Creative Agency AuCoStudio? We admire her portraiture that exemplifies African culture in a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing way.



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