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10 Gifts to Give Your Mom this Mother's Day

by Anne Berkley

Photography by Dazzle Jam

We’re just 64 days away from celebrating the women who carried us for nine months—for some maybe more—and helped to mold us into the men and women we are today. That sounds far away but with today’s economical climate it's never too early to prepare and find the best deals possible for the special lady in your life. Be that a wife, sister and/or daughter. No worries, our Mother’s Day gift guide has something for just about everyone on your list.


The perfect natural and organic pampering gift. It's packed with antioxidants like vitamin C and E, this organic cream helps nourish and replenish skin.  Vitamin C is known for its anti-aging properties and a recent study by Yale University dermatologists suggests vitamin E protects against the effects of sun exposure long after sundown. Featuring gentle botanicals such as cocoa butter, calendula, rosehip, avocado, aloe vera, jojoba, blueberry and more; it revitalizes all skin types. Retail $29.99


Think of the jewelry you already own and wear. What’s it made of? It’s most likely made of some type of metal such as silver, gold, bronze, or copper. Mining for these precious metals and gemstones can result in water pollution, greenhouse gas emission, and soil erosion. These resources are also non-renewable. Winter Hill Jewelry is different because it is made of primarily, PLA, a plant-based plastic, which is a renewable resource. PLA is compostable and biodegradable. I strive to be as eco-conscious as possible, through the materials in my products and the packaging used to transport them. Retail $15.00


With forged stainless steel, the NoBox Tools 8” Stainless Steel Knife not only cuts on any surface, such as glass or wood cutting boards but also maintains its edge longer, making it perfect for any backcountry chef or traveling cook. Unlike other kitchen knives, this multi-purpose chef knife includes an easily maintained blade with a balanced ergonomic weighted handle which provides you the most optimized comfort and use.

Whether your plan is to carve, slice, chop, fillet or simply cut, this next-level kitchen knife has got you covered and will quickly become a staple piece of cutlery in any chef’s arsenal. With an outside the box mindset, we’ve succeeded in creating a life-time quality knife that still retains an affordable price. The result is a user-friendly, rugged, versatile and hard-to-resist multi-purpose stainless steel knife that will take your cooking to the next level no matter location. Retail $110.00


This Honey Flavored Vodka is a great gift for any loved one, especially a mother. The honey is sustainably sourced, using honey from The Savannah Bee Company, which sustainably sources all its honey. Making it the perfect sweet gift for any vodka loving adult. It is great for cocktails as well as on its own. Give your mom some honey vodka to show you care.

Retail $18.99


To the world you are a mother, but to your family you are the world. Show her you never want her to forget that sentiment! Capture the spirit of that feeling with our Mama XO Necklace—a gift she’ll love for eternity. Pick from a sterling silver heart engraved with “mama” and a bronze star or star charm stamped with “xoxo.” Retail $58.00


This beautiful custom piece with initial and North Star Charms reminds mom what grounds her and keeps her focused on what is important, her children and family. It also keeps those she loves close to her heart. Retail $79.00


You're never committed to just one scent (unless you want to be, we don't judge). you can get a fresh refill auto delivered to your door (as often as you want), so you don't have to miss a scented beat. it's super easy to switch things up or skip a delivery, too. like we said, commitment optional. Retail $17.00


Everyone loves candles, and everyone loves coffee! That’s why I created Gerrard’s Coffee Shop Candles - inspired by favorite pastime- spending lazy summer afternoons at my local indie coffee shop with my dog, Dada.

Each bespoke fragrance in this giftable candle collection will remind you of one of your favorite café treats and after burning, simply recycle your coffee mug and use over and over again. Ships in a beautiful burlap coffee bean bag-inspired gift box. All hand poured in small batches by American workers. Retail $20.00


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