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10 Summer Inspired Nails You Can Do At Home!

by Shakilya Lawrence

Most of us have some extra time on our hands now that we're all social distancing, so why not practice some nail art? As the weather continues to heat up heading towards summer, the possibilities of color and techniques for nail designs have broaden tremendously. Whether you have long or short nails, designs can help elevate your look and add emphasis to your day-to-day style.

Here are 10 summer nail ideas you can achieve from the comfort of your home.

Summer Shades

Summer colors are always a go-to in the warmer months and look incredible on every skin tone. Shades like blush pink, yellow, white, and seafoam green are always classic options. These shades are usually top choices because they help add a pop of color while still being versatile enough for everyday wear.

The Matte Look

Matte colors are a staple that you can never go wrong with. Soft and subdued, matte colors help add an extra element of sophistication and style even if you only spend 10 minutes doing them! The best thing about matte colors is that you can choose virtually any color (bright or dark) and the color will appear delicate, not too bold which makes it another really good option for an everyday, long wear option.

The Classic French

This is another simple option that I'm sure most women have worn before. The classic French manicure is an exceptionally popular nail idea and fairly easy to achieve at home. The white nail polish against the nude creates a clean, polished look that is good for both everyday and refined looks.

The French Twist

This is a modern take on the classic French manicure. I love this look because it still incorporates the classic white of the classic French but it allows for more nail art creativity. The French twist mani can be achieved in a multitude of ways. Instead of the white polish only going across the tips of the nails, you can angle the polish, position it at the bottom on the nail bed, even place the white solely on the outer curves of the nail for a minimalist look. For even more of a twist, you can substitute a color in the place of the white to add emphasis to your nails. The possibilities are endless with this style.

Color Blocking

Like the French twist, color blocking nail art grew increasingly popular in 2018 and allows for limitless possibilities for ideas. This is a style you can have fun with, from choosing the colors and also coming up with a design. Whether two, three or even four colors, you can decide how simple or intricate you want the blocking design to be. The only drawback to this style is that it will take precision in order to execute so it might not be as quick as other options. However, it's definitely something that will keep you busy!

The Metallic Look

This is another effortless look that can be achieved quickly with endless options for designs. Although most people might associate metallic colors with Christmastime and the holidays, they can add a needed pop of color. For a more summertime look, you can use chrome polish as an accent color on one nail, as the tip color for the French manicure, or even in color blocking and abstract nail art. If you did want to do the metallic look all over, I would recommend using a lighter chrome polish, like silver or rose gold.


This trend in nails began in late 2019 and has rapidly grown to dominate social media with its popularity. You can find this design all over Instagram from manicurists to influencers. The nail design was inspired by couture brands like Gucci, Chanel, Prada and consisted of embellishing the brand's monogrammed logo onto the nails. This look is far from the everyday nail set, but its addition can still be chic and simple. Whether you use the logo on all of your nails or just an accent on one, it has the power to take your designs to another level. Like color blocking, however, this style will take a little more time to execute so be prepared to spend some time getting your logos right.

Skittles Nails

This is another trend I've seen become increasingly popular on social media, specifically Instagram since late 2019. Thankfully, this is an extremely effortless nail concept to achieve and it allows for your creativity to come into play. All you need are at least 5 different colors. Skittles nails are done by painting each nail a different color. It can be 10 completely different colors on each nail or you can color patterns with whatever shades you end up choosing. Although this style became more popular around spring, you can easily take it into summer by choosing warmer, summer colors.

The Neutrals

This classic style never fails. It's timeless, easy to achieve, and goes with every kind of look. Neutral colors look good with every day, business, and also polished styles. For the summertime, lighter neutrals like cream, tan, and nude pinks are ideal.

The Freeform/Abstract Look

This last nail idea is definitely my favorite design on the list. It's the style you can have the most fun with and you technically can't mess up, because the designs are all your original ideas. You have complete creative range to make whatever designs you can think of— the possibilities are endless! Whether it's intricate line work or multiple squiggly lines, you can create your own kind of design that works for YOU.

Try these ideas out and see how they work for you. You never know, you might discover a new nail design you like that you've never tried before!


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