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20 Thoughtful Gifts That Say, I Love You

by The Editors

I’m a summer baby and can you believe it, I used to dread summer! Bring on Fall and let’s make love Winter. But there’s something about the warm weather now that I can truly appreciate after being on lockdown during the pandemic last year.

Many couples were either left to figure out their relationships, end their relationships or as with myself, learn to adapt to singledom. So, here we are again, except this time, we can all agree that this summer should be celebrated, not only romantically, but platonically as well. We shouldn’t skimp out this year, after all, we made it this far.

Since learning of the amazing sales many brands have been offering, I along with the other editors here, just couldn’t help ourselves! I mean, it’s like a dream come true. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping today and enjoy everything these amazing brands have to offer, we know we will.

TEN® Alkaline Spring Water offers the highest pH water available at 10 pH. Rich with electrolytes, TEN is sourced and bottled right from pure, natural springs; unlike most bottled water — including other alkaline and electrolyte water — that is sourced from municipal sources (filtered tap water) or limestone aquifers which can deliver non-absorbable calcium.

TEN® Alkaline Spring Water is available in .5 liter six-packs, 1 liter bottles, 1.5 liter bottles, 1 gallon jugs and 12 ounce aluminum cans at supermarkets throughout the eastern United States, specialty markets and online at

Retail: $10.50 - $48.99


With The Cocktail Box Co, you have the ingredients and tools of a professional bartender in the convenience of your pocket. Take one anywhere; your plane ride, hotel room, a party with your friends and family. It's the perfect travel cocktail kit and the perfect gift to anyone who enjoys a handcrafted drink. Retail: $22.99 - $104.99


The “Love is Love” Collection features three delicious, sustainably farmed and produced wines including the Overflowing with Pride Barbera, Uprising Chenin Blanc and Loud and Proud Merlot. Each bottle features distinct collectible artwork created by women designers.

Playwright Drue Robinson penned the original poem included on the Overflowing with Pride Barbera label and Cory Justice created the original artwork for all three bottles. Ten dollars from every three-pack of the collection sold will be donated to The Stonewall Inn Gives Back Initiative (SIGBI) Safe Spaces certification – to identify entertainment venues, food and beverage locations, stores, businesses and other public venues as safe spaces for LGBTQ+ members of the community. Retail: $96.00


Rotate Watches offers all-in-one kits to build a mechanical watch! Parts, tools, and guides are included with each kit. Choose from 5 versatile styles with the option for custom engraved straps!

Each kit includes a lifetime warranty and 24/7 support from Rotate's team. Quality-checked and based out of Los Angeles. The perfect gift for any tinkerer or watch enthusiast! Retail: $201.00


Watches do a lot more than just tell time. They compliment and accentuate everything about your outfit, right from your shoes to your bag and even your belt. The Rosswein Bamboo watch does all this and then some. Inspired by nature, this bamboo watch is hand-crafted from 100% sustainable and natural bamboo wood which doesn't contain any paint or chemicals. Its rustic yet contemporary design adds a touch of flair to just about any outfit, be it casual or office wear. Retail: $119.00


With Love Darling:

The Link bracelet measured 19.5cm in length and is an elegant finishing touch to any outfit. The Mia collection is built around the idea of 'Love Links', - they link us to what's important in our life and reminds us of the strong connections we have.

- Chain Length: 19.5cm

- Colour: Gold

- Composition: Sterling Silver Base with 14K Gold plating with a guaranteed minimum thickness of 2 Microns. This high standard ensures 5 times the thickness of standard gold plating and providing much longer life and durability. Retail: $99.00


Named after the French Riviera’s famed gem, the posh look of this luxurious bag is designed to make you feel like a first class traveler. Made of eco friendly vegan leather, this chic bag offers plenty of storage, but is designed with multiple compartments so you’re not just digging around aimlessly for hand sanitizer or a credit card.

The Monaco offers storage compartments for everything from clothing to toiletries and electronics. The Monaco bags are available in runway worthy colors such as pearl white, stone grey, ebony black, latte brown and pastel pink. Retail: $219


Sleek, smart, and stylish Classic Parliament wallet makes a perfect Summer Gift. Why? This premium leather wallet is equipped with a built-in quick card access mechanism will make you forget about fumbling cards once and for all!

Moreover, it is RFID protected to ensure that your cards will be safe from skimming. Parliament will easily fit 10+ cards (depending on their thickness) and has extra pockets for a bill or extra cards/receipts. Last but not least, the wallet can be made unlosable by adding the solar-powered tracker, which allows you to call your wallet from your phone (using the Chipolo app). Retail: $79.00 - $89.00


Samiha Afreen Jewelry:

When Samiha Afreen created her brand Samiha Afreen Jewelry, her goal was to provide affordable fine jewelry pieces, that are both versatile and stylish. Her Jewelry is designed for everyday wear, they are both dainty and elegant and can amplify any look. SA jewelry pieces are made of high-quality vermeil ( a thick layer of 18k gold over Sterling Silver ), or 925 Sterling Silver. Retail: $43.00


These statement hoops feature seeded spheres stationed in place and full of dimension and shine. Surprisingly light for their statement size, we're pretty convinced these are the best hoops ever.

Retail: $169.00

  • 14k Gold Vermeil (that's heavy gold over silver)

  • 46mm (just shy of 2")

  • 9grams per pair (that's a little less than a nickel's weight per ear)


niLuu is a PETA-Approved vegan silk and cruelty-free loungewear brand that offers premium quality vegan silk kimonos, sleep masks, face masks, and pillowcases that combine the iconic elegance of traditional silk with a socially and environmentally ethical production process. The end result is an unparalleled design that breathes like cotton, drapes beautifully like silk, and reflects the cultural tradition of luxury textiles in Turkey.

niLuu is the culmination of founder Nilüfer Bracco’s journey to a more sustainable life. They are here to prove that luxury and sustainability can go hand-in-hand. As a 1% For The Planet member, they have pledged to donate 1% of their annual revenues to protecting Mother Nature. Retail: $160.00 - $920.00


Make relaxing in your home as peaceful as it is fashionable with this chic loungewear set by Rhea Cherie. Featuring a soft, stretchy v-neck and accented mid-thigh shorts, this all-inclusive set is a pleasure to wear no matter the time putting your comfort front and center 24/7. Retail: $60.00


Nuudii System is a boobwear body essentials company which offers women the option between bra and braless. Their mission is to make lives easier, wardrobe choices broader, and allow women to reconnect with their bodies, fostering emotional and physical wellbeing. A Nuudii Tee System costs $44, can be worn12+ ways, and comes in eight standard colors. Plus it only weighs 1.5 oz and comes with a compact travel pouch. Retail: $44.00


Srirachas - Yoga pants made for Sex:

Gone are the days of resorting to lingerie to show him she’s in the mood. Meet Srirachas: they look and feel like ordinary high-end yoga pants but have a hidden opening in the crotch – yes, yoga pants made for SEX? Whether worn at home or on a date, no one will know about this spicy secret and the fun that can be had. Srirachas enable girls to call the shots and have a sneaky little naughty side. They’re a fun way to spice up the relationship. Retail: $69.69


Featuring some of the most famous biracial figures in the world, their t-shirt was designed to get the conversation going in a society that, all too often, would prefer us to just "pick one" race.

  • Kamala Harris

  • Meghan Markle

  • Barack Obama

  • Mariah Carey

  • Drake

Retail: $26.00


Heron & Pine:

Heron & Pine is a luxury women's hat brand based in Los Angeles, California. Their brand is inspired by all the self-determined and resilient women blazing their own paths. Their mission is to help women feel more confident and to empower them to bet on themselves every time. All of their hats are thoughtfully designed and made from 100% Australian wool. From start to finish, they ensure each detail is perfect, bringing their customers a high-quality hat that is chic and versatile.

They offer a variety of styles, including fedoras to boaters, with firm brims, luxe satin lining, and customizable sizing for the perfect fit. With simplicity and sophistication at the forefront of their designs, their hats are the perfect accessory for everyday wear for all women: the seasoned hat lover or the novice hat wearer.

Retail: $98.00 - $124.00


BOOMBA is the sticky bra reinvented. BOOMBA's patented double-sided adhesive inserts are the best kept secret of super models, Instagrammers, fashionistas, and celebrities on the red carpet. Unlike a sticky bra that is supported by the adhesive, BOOMBA inserts are supported by the clothing. Wear plunging necklines and bikinis with confidence. Even when sweaty, BOOMBA's patented inserts are safe in place, and they can even be used in sports and water activities. It also has a lifting effect for an extra flattering look. Retail: $52.00


The Atticco has the perfect range of cotton sarongs to make you look cool in the heat! Every single one of their Scarves is made with the utmost attention to detail, from choosing our fabrics to the techniques we use to create each individual item.

At The Atticco, we provide the perfect summer fabric: soft and breathable cotton. This cotton is flawless for any summer event or weather, especially when used in our versatile sarongs. Retail: $55.00 - $125.00


WOW Skin Science:

Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash With Brush

WOW Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash with Brush has powerful antioxidants to brighten your complexion. Gentle exfoliating action helps remove dead skin cells that dim your glow. Reveal the bright skin underneath and promote better skincare product absorption. An effective foaming face wash that clears away dirt, pollution, and makeup residue for hydrated, glowing skin! Retail $14.95


Take a dive into the best summer activities at home with Cloudberries' POOLSIDE - a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle that's professionally designed for adults. With the twists and turns of this surprisingly quirky jigsaw, you'll get tons of spatial skills practice, a lot of brain exercise, and bonding time with your family and friends. But that's not all of it. Cloudberries puzzles are also designed to be simply elegant.

They're the perfect wall decor for your bedroom or living room as soon as you've finished solving them. Plus, they're made with FSC-certified recycled board and paper and manufactured in Europe to assure premium quality. The brand also advocates for environmental protection, which is why they pledged to plant a tree for every puzzle you buy.

A lot of their puzzles are made by female artists as well, which is why this company is definitely worth checking out for more awesome puzzles this summer! Try out POOLSIDE and see for yourself just how much fun you can get! Retail: $24.99


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