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2021 Fitness Guide for Women + Free Fitness Apps!

by The Editors

Photo by Daria Sannikova from Pexels

Can we all just agree that 2021 is going to be the year of change? Self-love to self-acceptance to self-accountability and more importantly, consistency. For many the term, “New Year, New Me” is beginning to feel a whole lot different—from staying indoors all last year to finally appreciating what the world has to offer.

Whether you’re looking to get in shape for health reasons or just working on that revenge body, one thing is for sure, you’re going to need some kick-ass gear, an app to help you stay on track and more importantly, a great diet. Our 2021 fitness guide is here to help, check out these amazing products recommended by our editors.

Retail: $50.00

Full finger protection in the gym from weights, dumbbells, barbells & machines. Keep your hands protected from germs and bacteria. Ultra-thin and durable, with a contouring hand design to fit your hands perfectly while you work out. fits men's & women's hands. Touch screen tips to easy type on screens, phones & tablets. Easy on pull tab to wear and adjust gloves.


PTFinder app

Retail: Free to download

The thing that makes the PTFinder app special is the ability to find personal trainers in your area and then filter their profiles by distance, price, gender and use unique profile bios to find the personal trainer that best fits your needs. The app is 100% free to use, you can contact trainers directly on the app and even organize remote training with trainers. It's also a great way for personal trainers to advertise their services and find local clients.


Retail: $35.99

Ergonomic and seamless design so that you barely notice it’s there. The Y-shaped padded front comfortably separates the breasts. Hook & eye adjustable straps on the front for easy access.


Retail: $199.99

The 360 CoreBoard is a brand new product, ready to get your core into amazing shape. It's modular, dynamic with limitless range of motion with unlimited options to add accessories to enhance your core routine.


Retail: $69.99

Make FRESH snacks, smoothies and soups from the gym, your car or your desk! Blend anything anywhere with your own personal blender! Polar Blend is the perfect portable solution for people who want a healthy lifestyle on-the-go! Here at Polar Blend, we are committed to offering premier products for customers who lead an active, healthy lifestyle! Join us on our journey to health and wellness!


Retail: $78.00 - $148.00

KiraGrace is a woman-owned yoga brand created to empower women and help them feel their best. Our products are made in the U.S. of high-quality fabrics and unique designs sure to compliment your wardrobe and workout. Our Bohemian Queen Collection has luxurious activewear pieces that provide comfortable support to get you through your fitness goals!


Retail: $8.99 - $39.99

HyperGo Full Body Wipes are wipes that anyone can use anytime, anywhere. Whether you are a professional athlete, fitness enthusiast, like to bike to work, an avid hiker, or simply someone that could use a freshness boost after a long flight, HyperGo wipes will work for you! Our 12” x 12” wipes are the perfect size for any occasion, providing A Square Foot of Clean™ with each wipe.


Retail: Free to download

TeamUp Fitness is a lifestyle platform that's specifically designed to bring the fitness community together. Members from all over the world join TeamUp to find fit companions, new workout partners, and fitness friends. Not only has TeamUp positioned itself to be the leading "dating app" of the fitness industry it is also a platform dedicated to health and fitness.


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