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3 Reasons Why Every Relationship Could Benefit from Using Sex Toys

by Lauren Johnson, Sponsored Posts

Who doesn’t want more orgasms, better partner communication, and higher levels of intimacy satisfaction? Simply introducing sex toys into your intimate relationships could help you achieve this.

Some studies prove that couples who use sex toys together enjoy higher rates of sexual satisfaction compared to couples who don’t use sex toys together. There’s a lot of talk about sex toys and relationships: some call it cheating, and some say exploring sex toys with your partner will bruise some (fragile) pride. But the benefits far outweigh the hearsay.

In this article, we’ll share 3 massive reasons why every relationship could benefit from using sex toys –in both partnered and solo sex.

FIRST THING – Sex Toys Are Teammates, Not Competition:

Vibrators are not competition. They help you intensify your sex.

Why would you skip out on boosting foreplay or giving your partners deeper, more frequent orgasms? And remember the vibrator doesn’t have to be the only giver of orgasms. Women are capable of multiple orgasms. Vibrators simply help you turn the volume up on your sex play. They add an element of intensity, surprise, control, and even dominance play.

Vibrators could never replace intimate partnered sex. That’s because sex isn’t just about orgasms. Remember that before you get too jealous of a rumbly vibrator. Think of it as a tool.

A Lot of Us Are Already Using Them During Our Solo Play:

Sex toys are pretty common. A lot of us are already using them and already benefiting, so why not add them to partnered sex? There seem to be only upsides.

These days around 53% of straight women use sex toys, while a whopping 86% of queer women partake. Straight women are more likely to use their sex toys for masturbation purposes while queer women are known to incorporate sex toys into both solo and partnered sex.

The previously mentioned study also reveals that all types of couples use sex toys together. Around 42% of couples, of all sexual orientations, are using sex toys to keep things spicy. (Amen!)

And those who use sex toys experience higher sexual functioning according to some interesting sex research. That means sex toy users experience higher levels of arousal response, natural lubrication, stronger desire, and higher orgasmic potential. And if that’s not enough to interest ya, there’s more.

Here Are 3 Huge Reasons to Consider Adding Sex Toys to Your Partnered Sex Life

Enhanced Partner Communication

Stepping into uncharted waters with your partner requires good communication. Open communication has to be flowing before, during and after said uncharted waters. When using sex toys together, open dialogue is necessary.

In a study, researchers found that 49% of couples who use sex toys show a higher level of communication on all fronts. Researchers found that of couples who don’t use sex toys together only 29% showed the same level of open communication. Of those who don’t use sex toys in their relationship, only 17% report being able to guide their partners in bed.

When using a vibrator with a partner, there should be communication about how they are enjoying it and if they want to adjust. (This is also a “good sex" best practice, sex toy or not.)

Foreplay 2.0

Studies show that women tend to enjoy foreplay a bit more than intercourse. This is because most women require a considerable build-up of arousal. This build-up affects desire, vaginal sensitivity, lubrication, and orgasmic potential.

The bottom-line is don’t skimp on foreplay if you want your female partner to enjoy an orgasm. To boost your foreplay in a fun and exciting way, try introducing sex toys. Those who report using sex toys in relationships often cite using them the most during foreplay.

They are great tools for arousal and teasing. This type of stimulation is a beautiful prelude to penetration. The more a female partner is aroused the better penetration will feel and the more likely they are to experience a vaginal orgasm.

Ladies Are 3 Times More Likely to Orgasm (And Maybe More Than Once)

Vibrators turn the heat up on clitoral stimulation. Around 70% of ladies need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. So, if you’re introducing clit toys to the party (highly recommend), you can bet your bottom that you’re way more likely to orgasm. You could open up the possibility of multiple or blended orgasms when using a vibrator.

Adding Sex Toys to Your Next Partnered Play:

When first starting, it’s a good idea to reach for vibrators that are non-phallic and serve as simple stimulators. Try cock rings, bullet vibrators, or compact clit suckers. Modern sex companies like BerryLemon opt for more aesthetic-looking vibrators that won’t scare your beau away. For a more interactive experience, try integrating FeelMe AI, combining artificial intelligence with sexual technology.

When introducing the idea, try picking a sex toy out together. The more of a “together” thing it is, the more likely it is to help sweeten up your partnered sex.


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