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4 Tips for Taking Care of Yourself When You Are Single

by Lisa Thomas, Sponsored Posts

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

For some people being single may sound like quite an intimidating concept. This is particularly the case with people who never really got the chance to experience what it’s like to focus all of their attention on themselves, exclusively. Sure, being in a relationship may sound wonderful from the outside.

But the truth is that sometimes it is much better to be single than in a bad or toxic relationship. Besides, if you learn how to love and take care of yourself, it will be far easier to apply that knowledge to others around you. That being said, let’s see what are some of the ways you can practice self-love and take care of yourself when you are single.

How to Practice Self-love


Usually, when people are in a romantic relationship, they can sometimes tend to forget to put themselves first. This is particularly the case when “wants” are concerned. While we all have certain needs that need to be fulfilled, and we do manage to cater to most of them, our wants simply get pushed to the back burner.

However, when you’re single, you only need to pay attention to yourself – that’s the beauty of it! So, if you’ve always wanted to do something but you never got around to doing it – now’s your chance! For instance, if you’ve always wanted to have a collection of raw crystal rings but you never really found the perfect time to start, don’t wait a minute more. Instead, start paying at least a bit more attention to the things you want to do and begin ticking them off your list.


Another most common struggle is that people simply don’t know how to be alone. Keep in mind, being single or alone doesn’t mean being lonely. So, instead of feeding into the feeling of being lonely, try to find ways that will allow you to relish time spent with yourself. This is the perfect time to take a look inwards and focus on learning more about yourself.

Try to identify the things that truly make you happy. Similarly, define things that you absolutely can’t stand and work on eliminating them from your life entirely. Practice self-love and even dare to explore a bit outside of your comfort zone. When in a relationship, people sometimes tend to create a joint personality. So, being single will help you – once again – learn who you are and what you love.


If you’re only single as of recently, you can find yourself struggling with your confidence. And even though you’ve probably already heard countless “chin-up” advice – and you’re probably sick of them – the thing is, they are quite right. Just because you went through a breakup doesn’t mean you’re not worthy of love, you’ll never find love again and all the other mean things we can sometimes say to ourselves in a similar situation.

Instead, now’s the perfect time to dedicate attention to fostering the only true love that matters most in the end – self-love! Of course, you should take your time to grieve the love lost. But once you’re ready, wipe those tears, hold your head up high and get ready to take on the world with your newly-found confidence.


Finally, a very important thing to mention – and the one that’s unfortunately quite often overlooked – is your health, both mental and physical. That’s why you need to ensure that you work out regularly and be mindful of the foods you eat.

Now with that being said, remember that there’s no “bad” food. Instead, it’s all in the balance. For instance, having a double burger each day is in no way healthy. But indulging in a juicy burger now and again can not only feed your body but your soul as well. So, make sure you stay healthy and happy because those two are the only truly important things after all.

In the end, you need to realize that being single is a blessing. The time you get to spend with yourself, learning and exploring, is the most valuable gift you’ll be given. Because, once you learn how to love and respect yourself, you’ll be much more open to giving and receiving the same from others.


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