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5 Important Things Women Should Consider Before Getting Married

by Karen Nightingale, Sponsored Posts

Many women grow up with a dream tucked safely in their hearts since they are little – a wedding. Wedding days are exciting and momentous events filled with color and pomp. But the thrill lasts for some hours, then reality into the most real chapter dawns. Marriage changes many things in your life, and the turn of events can be overwhelming.

Love is beautiful, and people hope to live the ''happy ever after forever.'' Sadly, statistics on divorce and separation rates are discouraging. One way to make marriage work is good preparation before sealing the deal. See below five important things women should consider before getting married.


While you can never know someone well enough, it is crucial to seek to know more about the person you intend to spend the rest of your life with. Ask questions and actively listen to both what he is saying and that which he is not. Inquire about his dreams and interests to understand if you are heading in the right direction.

Seek to get as much information about him as possible. You may want to know if he was ever married if he has any chronic conditions, or where he works. Look out for any red flags and, if possible, search for jail records at Background Hawk or any other company offering background check services to avoid getting involved with a criminal.

Trust is a crucial element of a successful marriage, and you would want to rule out any doubts and gray areas before walking down the aisle.

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Seeking financial independence before getting married is a gift you will need to give yourself. While it will be better to have a career, a good-paying job will suffice. Having an income is crucial as it gives you a sense of worth.

The cost of living is extremely high, and your partner will appreciate someone who can help with the bills. Also, money is empowering, and most women with a solid grasp on their finances will not endure abuse.


Developing a hobby has many benefits like helping you deal with negative energies, helping structure your time, relieving stress and anxiety, and fostering social connection. Before you get married, get a hobby and set time for it, whether it is reading, running, yoga, meditation, or cycling. You will, with no doubt, make a better wife and be a happier person when you have an outlet to relieve stress and an outlet to express yourself.


Marriage shifts your friend circle often because of the additional responsibilities, hence less time. However, it is important to create time for your friends, when possible, intentionally. Consider having ladies' dates once a month or plan annual trips with your girls to bond and create memories. While you and your spouse love company, spending time apart helps rejuvenate and recharge.

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It is time to take that trip that you have postponed for a long time. Take time and experience the beautiful world before you get hitched. While you will most likely make several trips with your future husband, nothing beats the experience of traveling alone or with your squad. Finding your joy helps to solidify you as a person.

Please take advantage of your singlehood and indulge in traveling endeavors because traveling with your partner is different once you get married. Also, you get to decide on the destination together, unlike doing it alone.


Marriage is a lifetime commitment that needs preparation. Try and understand your partner before you decide to settle. Remember that you can still call the wedding if you feel unsettled about something.


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