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5 Living Room Décor Ideas For a Cozy Home

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A cozy home is an aesthetic living space that inspires us, makes us feel safe, and helps us unwind after a long workday. So, keep reading and get inspired for new décor ideas to make your home even cozier!

Wallpaper – Give Your Room a Personality

When you walk into a fresh room, the first thing you need to decide is what you will do with the walls. Even when you have lived in a room for a while, changing up the walls will change the mood of the room immediately. You can choose to have an accent wall with modern wallpaper or to go bare – paint the walls white or light gray and focus more on wall décor.

If you choose the wallpaper route, you can get either stick-and-peel wallpaper or the traditional one. Stick and peel wallpaper is perfect if you are decorating a rental home, however, traditional wallpaper will be more beneficial for a homeowner who doesn’t like to change things very often.

There is also an exciting option to get a custom print for a wallpaper (either stick and peel or traditional). It means that you can create a print that will perfectly go with your living room’s theme as well it will be truly unique. If you are interested in this option, check out website!

Floor Décor – Carpets and Rugs

When the wall design is decided and the main living room furniture is moved in, you can get to the floor decorating. Carpets and rugs not only give cozy vibes to a space but also can act as a décor element. If the furniture and wall decorations are pretty basic, you can use a carpet or a rug as a statement piece. In that case, choose a carpet that is colorful or has a bold print.

Also, a fun look is layered rugs. You can choose one in a basic color or print and the other in a more challenging look, for example, a bright color or a busy print. The shapes can also differ – one can be a rectangle, the other – a circle.

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Wallart – Canvas and Posters

Decorated walls always give a room a more put-together look. That is also a great way how to express your personality and your unique style. Wallart can be anything you can hang on a wall starting from a painting and ending with a hat or other decorative object.

If you want to go a little bit more traditional, a great option to choose is canvas or posters. Canvases you can get in different sizes and create a cute canvas gallery wall or go for one but choose it in a bigger size.

Posters are a great, contemporary option that will look great with a lot of room interior styles. You can buy already pre-printed posters or create your own and showcase your hobbies, or interests and make the living room an even more personal space.

Pillows and Throw Blankets

Pillows and throw blankets are life savers if you want to add more texture to a living space. Not only that, but you can also get pillows in different sizes and textures – it makes a room feel cozy and adds interest. And throw blankets can be arranged interestingly – thrown over the back of a couch, ruffled on the seating area, or tacked away in a cute basket.

Pillows and throw blankets can also help to inject some color into your living space. Since they are relatively small items, it is easy to exchange them according to the season or your mood. Take advantage of this feature!


Mirrors are the best decorations – they not only add an interesting twist to the room but also enlarge it and make it brighter. It all works in your favor unless you are going for a small dungeon vibe.

The fun with mirrors is in the shape and the frames. Nowadays there are lots of frames to choose from – from very luxurious to minimalistic, from light colored to dark shades. The mirror itself can be aged or differently treated, it all depends on your room design and your personal preference.


Living room décor is such a personal thing. A good rule of thumb is to stick to a theme, but you can always experiment and show off your style. When shopping for living room décor, look for elements that bring you joy but also that go well with your overall look. That way you will always bring home items that will fit your aesthetic.


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