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5 Non-Christmas Winter Decorations

by Lisa Thomas

Image courtesy of ChicExecs Brand Strategy for Teema Blankets

Whether you love winter and walking in the snow or you are one of those people who cannot wait for warmer weather to come, you have to admit that getting comfy under a blanket while it is snowing outside has its charms. Add a good book, a great movie, or a cup of cocoa to the equation and you have yourself a fantastic afternoon. During the winter months, your home becomes your sanctuary from the cold, so it should be a cozy place where you can enjoy spending time by yourself or with your loved ones. If you want to prepare your home for the winter and decorate it properly, here are a few tips and tricks that will turn your house into a comfy haven.

Add a Throw Blanket:

Whether you want to take a nap or enjoy your favorite TV show, you will need a blanket to keep you warm. Therefore, put a throw blanket on every sofa or even add it to your favorite chair. While single-layered throw blankets are thinner, reversible throws are warmer and have two layers. If you do not want to opt for standard throws, you can get a chunky knit blanket that will add a touch of farmhouse chic to your home. You can also use draping throws that have tussles on their edges. The most common way to decorate a sofa with a throw blanket is to drape it over the whole sofa so that the blanket looks like a slope. On the other hand, you can fold the widths of a blanket and lay it over the sofa arm. If you do not wish to place a blanket on the sofa, you can put it in the basket next to the couch.

Put Birch Logs in a Corner:

Even if you do not have a fireplace, a couple of birch logs in the corner of your room will add a cabin-in-the-woods feel to your home. If you love that lodge-y vibe, use sheepskin as a throw blanket, hang a carved skull from, and light candles with a pine scent. Speaking of candles…

Candles Are a Must:

Nothing creates that cozy feel like lit candles. Candlelight has a pretty glow and turns every room into a romantic nook. If you are afraid that you will accidentally set your house on fire, you can use battery-operated candles instead of the real deal. Their flame still looks rather realistic but isn’t a safety hazard. You can also get a couple of lanterns that will look amazing on your mantle, coffee table, or on the floor.

Add Texture With Pillows:

Cushions are great because they are simple and cheap, and yet they can elevate the whole room, add a pop of color to it, add texture, and even add extra seating when necessary. White pillows will make your living room look more ‘wintery’ and they never go out of style. A soft, felted cushion is not only comfy, but it is also stylish as well and will breathe life into your old sofa.

Decorate With Pinecones:

This is one of the best props you can use to decorate your living room or any other area in your home. Pinecones are free (although you can buy them in stores with all the homey trinkets if you are not a fan of the woods) and nothing screams winter as they do. You can place them in large jars, glass vases, white cake plates, or colorful bowls and put them on display on the shelf. Add a little faux snow and you will have a tiny winter wonderland! Therefore, do not put them away with the rest of your Christmas decorations.

Preparing your home for winter should not feel like a chore. With a little imagination, it can be a lot of fun and at the end of the day, you will have a comfortable sanctuary where you can enjoy those snowy days.

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