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5 Reasons to Wear Makeup


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Why wear makeup?

A lot of us are probably asking ourselves this question as we are in the midst of a pandemic and wearing masks anytime we are out in public. Why take the time to put on makeup if a mask is just going to cover half your face? Well, there are still lots of great reasons to wear makeup, even during a pandemic.

Makeup is an Art

One of the main reasons I wear makeup, is because I simply love doing it. Makeup is an art form and a great way to express yourself. There are endless possibilities and your face is the canvas! Every look can be different. Whether it’s a dramatic nighttime look, or a daytime look filled with color; makeup takes skill and imagination and is a creative way to communicate your voice and personality to the world. Makeup is artistic expression and a fun way to show your style. It is a unique, creative outlet. One of my favorite eyeshadow palettes for creating colorful looks: Morphe X James Charles Artistry Palette

Makeup Boosts Your Confidence

It is no secret that makeup can make you feel more confident. There are easy techniques that even beginners can do to enhance their natural features. Every makeup look doesn’t have to be an over-the-top glam look. Natural looks can be just as effective as a dramatic smoky eye. Doing simple tips like putting on mascara to your top and bottom lashes can make your eyes appear more open and make you look less tired. This is my go-to for early mornings. If I am only putting on one product, it is going to be mascara. Especially when we are wearing masks all day, it is a great time to focus more on your eyes and really make them stand out!

Favorite Mascara for all-day volume:

Makeup Is Self-Care

It is especially important these days to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally. Practicing self-care is a great way to do this. Makeup is not just about applying a lot of products to your face; it is a routine, that should feature a good skincare routine and good nighttime routine to remove your makeup well. It is imperative to have products for your routine including a good moisturizer for before your makeup and for after you take it off.

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Micellar water is also a great alternative to taking your makeup off with wipes because it tugs less on the skin and removes more that is often below the surface. It is great for people with sensitive skin. I also love using a facial mist before, during, and after I apply my makeup. They are great at prolonging the wear of your makeup and can do a variety of different things; like, mattifying your skin or creating a dewy look. Self-care also includes face masks which are great to do before applying makeup or after taking them off. Peel-off masks and sheet masks are great addition to any routine and can have a variety of amazing benefits for keeping your skin healthy.

Favorite Micellar Water for sensitive skin:

Favorite Peel-off Masks for clear skin:

Yes to Detoxifying Charcoal Peel-Off Mask

Makeup Makes You Feel Powerful

Makeup allows you to feel like your best self and show up like her every single day. By creating bold brows or a sharp contour, how you feel on the inside can finally be portrayed on the outside. Wearing makeup is a form of empowerment and helps you envision the best possible you. It creates a sense of courage and boldness in you that allows you to take on the world and conquer it.

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Makeup Is A Community

Makeup is more than just what’s in your bag; it is a community. Nowadays, there are endless options to amazing artists and beauty influencers to watch and follow. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter provide easy ways to interact and keep up with these people. My favorite videos to watch are makeup tutorials that feature beauty influencers testing out and reviewing new products. It is a great way to know what products work and are amazing and what products are not worth buying. I have learned all my skills through watching.

Photo by from Pexels


There are always new tips and tricks to be learned and it is entertaining to watch someone who shares the same interests as you do.

Some of my favorite Beauty Influencers:

Even in the midst of a pandemic, we can still feel like our best selves. Makeup is an expressive art form and creative outlet that allows us to boost our confidence and feel more powerful in our everyday life.

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