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5 Signs a Leo Man is Falling in Love with You

And, how to know when a Leo man is playing Danielle Wright

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Ahh, the Leo man – he is the zodiac’s king of the jungle – a regal lion of a man who never fails to find the spotlight in any situation. I once dated a Leo man, well, two in fact and to be quite honest, ultimately, not for me. I prefer a Taurus man. But there are many similarities between the two signs. Leo men love to be the life of the party, he is usually pretty loud and an insufferable show-off.

It’s no wonder an earth sign – like Gemini – matches well with Leo. Gemini’s have no problem taking the back seat and allowing her Leo man to shine. But make no mistake, Leo men can make great partners if you’re compatible. They are passionate and playful lovers who crave the warmth of companionship and the fire of intense, focused intimacy. For the Leo man, sex and passion are very important.

So, how can you tell if a Leo man is falling in love with you? Although Leo men and women are ruled by the element fire and personified by the lion, they can come off shy and sometimes may not outright express their love and/or interest.

This WILL happen, however, if they simply cannot hold it in any longer and HAVE to express their love to you. Pride aside, they have no shame about proclaiming their love for someone. But if he doesn’t come out and say it, here are some clues to watch out for.

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Leo men can be possessive and if you’re having a conversation with him about another man and he is not showing signs of jealously or changing the subject, chances are, he’s not that into you. This man loves attention and so, if he wants you, your world should revolve around him in a sense.

Another sign to look for is if he starts doing the things you mention other guys do that make you happy. For instance, his goal is to please you, so if you mention that a man you’ve dated in the past would buy you roses before each date and it made you happy, don’t be surprised if your Leo man shows up with some roses on your next outing. Your job is to make him think it was all his idea and show him how appreciative you are of his efforts.


My Leo man LOVED to hold hands in public and just rub the back of my hand sometimes. It was amazing – I can truly say this man is all about the PDA. If he’s giving you the cold shoulder or sprinting out in front of you then it’s safe to say he is not interested or in love. These men are clear-cut about who they want.

During this time, you can expect him to make you feel very special. Holding hands is one sign but holding doors and pulling out chairs are dead giveaways. Also, expect your Leo man to be very well aware of his surroundings, he is going to do a quick look around before you enter a building because he wants to make sure you’re protected.


This is probably my favorite for Leo men, he loves being around the woman he loves. I mean, even if it's to lounge all day, leave you in the house while he goes to work, etc. He has no problem having you around and this is a wonderful feeling overall. This is a man who will run errands with you, have breakfast, lunch and dinner with you and before you know it, you’re spending weekends together.

He is in no rush to leave your side. This ties into the fact that he will be very open and honest about his schedule. It is not uncommon for a Leo man in love to change his schedule to spend more time with you. I remember when I first started dating one of my Leo men and literally, I had to tell him it was okay for him to go play basketball with his friends. I wanted him to have a life. I loved him so much because of this! Eventually, we had a great balance.


A Leo man can feel like your best friend. This is the very person with whom you can suddenly go on a trip in a luxury rental car, he is ready to do everything to make a woman happy! Depending on the circumstances, he may make the first move and from there it’s all bliss if you turn out to be the woman he truly wants. This man is genuinely interested in your day. He will ask you questions and give you the BEST and most in-depth advice.

Most Leo men are quite talkative so don’t hold back on the details. He wants to know as much as he can, and guess what, return the gesture. Ask him about his day as well, give him advice if he requests it, and genuinely be interested. Leo men can smell BS and they don’t take well to lazy women. He wants a woman he can chase, but don’t make it impossible for him. Keep him on his toes by not making yourself too available, but make sure you adhere to his needs.


I remember I dated my Leo man for 3 weeks before we got into a relationship that lasted 4 years! These men move fast. When they’re interested, you’ll know and he will lock it down! Leo’s do not lack confidence; they are confident about themselves and so making you his or professing his love will not be a problem.

On the contrary, how do you know when a Leo man is playing you…I don’t need to spend too much time on this one, because he’s not as complicated as other zodiac signs when he lacks interest. A Leo man can be very selfish and self-absorbed, so be prepared to be doing all the heavy lifting and putting in the effort if your Leo man isn’t interested.

He doesn’t ask about your life, he doesn’t invite you out, he doesn’t ask to spend time with you and he is not reliable. He has a natural flair for winning people over with his words and grand personality, but if the spark is not there for him, he will not give you much effort.

Leo men are alpha males, so check out this article to learn more about them. Plus, I've included some gifts below for you to share with your Leo man. Don't be shy, if he's in love, he'll have no problem splurging.


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