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6 Books Every Black Man Should Read Before 30

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

by Anne Berkley

We want to encourage as many men as we possibly can and what better way than to introduce books every black man should read before he turns 30. So why 30? This is not a question about maturity because realistically, a man can be mature at any age, this is a question of preference. By age 30 the responsibility of a man tends to become more, leading him to have different priorities in life. Things do and can become tested, from relationships to friendships, this is a crucial time for many men to find their footing and of course, inspiration is always needed as they transition to this next stage in life. Cultural wisdom proposes that men in their 30’s will also look to begin searching for their mate, be it a younger woman because they supposedly like younger men or in some cases, an older woman. Either way, the below list of recommended books, when read, can give men a new perspective as they look to enter this period in their lives. So, happy reading.

1. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, suggested by Chloe Panta

"Every man should stand on integrity, giving his 100% effort every single day and being a man of his word. This book is a great foundation for beginning principles."

2. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

"A wonderful book to helping men understand how to communicate with their partner on how to express and understand love."

3. Culture Vultures: Conversations with Damon Dash by Kenyatta Griggs, suggested by Faizan Fahim

The book offers an inside look at the creative and business genius behind America's greatest talents and fashion lines. Through the series of interviews, you get to finds out the raw and uncut philosophies of Dame Dash. "Every page had a lesson about business, character, and understanding of the rules of the game. This book is an excellent read for any black man that is under 30 and trying to go into the business world. There are so many lessons they can learn from it."

4. Love Smart, Love Independently by Lisa K. Stephenson, suggested by Tanisha C.

"Not yet released but I had the pleasure of receiving a review copy and I have to recommend this book because of how straightforward and honest the writing is. The content of this book is something all black men can relate to because it meshes psychology with relationships and women's behaviors in response to the games that men play. As a man the takeaway can be, stop playing games—the cycle— because what’s done to one woman inevitably impacts all women (i.e. the women you may end up wanting)."

5. Courage to Continue: Steps for Boldly Surmounting Life's Adversities by Dr. Ivan Hernandez, suggested by Norhanie Pangulima

"At this age, I noticed that my friends are already seeking career stability and getting pressured of finding love. A good read will help people at this age to have good wisdom to live by before they focus on working their success and happiness."

"If you want a book to motivate you in life, this book is the best. This book talks about the life of Ivan as he faced problems that come along his way, on his career and family. He shared his near-death experience and some thoughts on how to live life to the fullest as well as stress management."

6. Black Faces In White Places: 10 Game-Changing Strategies to Achieve Success and Find Greatness by Randal D. Pinkett and Jeffrey A. Robinson

"This book refers to the world we live as “the game”. In its content, he tackled 10 strategies towards success and how to adapt to the game of life. This book also shows how African-Americans can think and act on different perspectives while gaining strength from wisdom coming from other people and turning it into something positive."

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