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8 Qualities of a Wealthy Woman

by Venus Sanders

Photo by Chalo Garcia

Wealth Whispers...

By now you’ve seen the hit Netflix series, Inventing Anna. I must say upon the first view I was taken aback, questioning many things: the wig, the accent, and just how could this particular girl pass off as wealthy amid the elite and affluent socialites. Well, what is it to be wealthy? In the United States amassing a net worth of $1.9 million qualifies a person as wealthy. The average net worth of U.S. households, however, is less than half of that.

In episode two of the daring and bold story, where some things are true, except the things that aren’t we are introduced to a friend of Anna, Val. The flamboyant fashion stylist, Val gives us our first real inside look into Anna and the characteristics she possessed that led him to believe she “came from money.”

While describing the fakes as wannabe social climbers, and thirsty influencers, immediately he tells us that Anna was not thirsty. So, what was it then, what made her stand out and could be considered among the wealthiest of women? Details – a woman born with taste. Elegant. Elusive. Wise. Generous. Beautiful. Ambitious. Strong-minded.

While this is not a review of Inventing Anna it is a great way to put things into perspective as this young woman did in fact, embody the qualities mentioned above in every way imaginable. This contributed to the overall idea that she was a woman who came from money. When we dissect each of these qualities, it is easily relatable to the show’s main protagonist herself.

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DETAILS: A wealthy woman is going to pay attention to the details, whether this is the clothes she wears, the food she eats, or the wine she orders for the table. Ordering wine by the region, the year…you see…some wines improve with age and the best regions for wine are France, Italy and Spain.

When we think of details in clothing, we can take for example, Hermes, where bags can very easily dangle a $500,000 price tag. These bags will only be made from the most high-end materials in France that vary in terms of finish and smoothness, including Clemence leather, Epsom leather, lizard, fjord, swift, Togo, ostrich, crocodile, Barenia natural, buffalo skipper, box calf, chevre Mysore and chevre de coromandel.

ELEGANT & GENEROUS: An elegant woman is no doubt poised and generous. Revered and referred to as the woman who will give the shirt off of her back to help those in need. Immediately, we think of Princess Diana.

Her work as a philanthropist and her openness to genuinely help those in need. She had a particular way about her that to this day people still admire the Princess, speaking highly of her in every way. Never talks about personal things regarding sizes or amounts. No bra size, no weight, age, money, how big her house is, nothing. An elegant and wealthy woman is sophisticated, she is calm and in control.

ELUSIVE: While she is not always easily accessible due to her demanding schedule packed with charitable work or even businesses of her own, the wealthy woman is always on time. She is never late; she respects other people’s time. Still, a woman of mystery, how does she do it? How does she maintain her beauty, run the household, put on and attend Gala’s all while being the perfect wife to her dear husband?

If anything, she appreciates hard work and the fruits of her labor. As we watched Inventing Anna, we noticed that she was determined to leave her mark on the world. While she used others for their time, money, and connections, the ultimate goal was to build something of her own rather than spend her entire life living and eating off of the backs of others. Anna wasn’t afraid to get dirty.

WISE & AMBITIOUS: “Life is a poker game, and everybody has to show their cards.” - Kathy Hilton. Wealthy women are pragmatic. Dealing with things sensibly and realistically. It is true, she knows that fairy tales don’t exist, which is why she remains persistent and never gives up since she doesn’t consider it an option.

A wealthy woman is not a fan of sleeping in, that is considered a waste of time – unless it is with someone special, of course. As with Anna Delvey, although she was not wealthy, she mastered the qualities of the rich, citing to Viv, “You’re not special” much throughout the show's runtime.

STRONG-MINDED: Another quality of a wealthy woman is having a strong mind. She does not procrastinate, ever and looks to other women for inspiration as she does not need to compete. This is quite the case with the wealthy who will often host parties, brunches, and other women empowerment events.

Time is valuable for the wealthy, it may seem they are always on the go, checking their phones, checking for emails, but this is to ensure that work is never missed and things are taken care of—especially the needs of the family. She is always learning, never dumbing herself down, and has a firm belief that you can never know too much. “Venturing out into entrepreneurship is like never graduating college. You have to open yourself up to learn something new every day.” – Lisa K. Stephenson.

BEAUTIFUL: The wealthy woman loves herself so that she can love others. She does not miss an opportunity to congratulate herself or celebrate a win—no matter how small. A win is a win and she is going to treat herself to true hobbies that she enjoys but isn’t afraid to take up new ones either.

The wealthy very seldom spend their time on social media unless it is necessary for income or to spread information. Their days are spent living, learning, and in some cases, going very gracefully against the grain.

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