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Acquisition Talks Commence for She's SINGLE Magazine

by Riley Cook

She's SINGLE Magazine, the trailblazing media platform founded by African American Author Jevasia Stephenson, popularly known as Lisa K. Stephenson, has entered into acquisition discussions with the dynamic venture builder, Tonti Laguna Group. The Tonti Laguna Group specializes in launching and promoting a diverse array of business projects.

Founded in 2020, She's SINGLE Magazine has rapidly become a beacon of empowerment, celebrating the strength of independent women and reshaping the narrative around singlehood. Lisa K. Stephenson, a author who has passionately championed the cause of empowering women, created the magazine as a platform for inspiration, entertainment, and celebration.

The Tonti Laguna Group, recognizing the exceptional potential and impact of She's SINGLE Magazine, has engaged in discussions to acquire the media company. The founder and current Editor-in-Chief, Lisa K. Stephenson, is seeking $850,000 for the startup, and both parties have reached an agreement on the terms of the acquisition.

Key Highlights:

  1. Visionary Leadership: Lisa K. Stephenson's vision in founding She's SINGLE Magazine has resulted in a media platform that resonates with hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors and a thriving community of over 99,000 active subscribers.

  2. Empowering Narrative: The magazine has been at the forefront of promoting an empowering narrative for single women, challenging stereotypes, and celebrating the diversity of experiences within this demographic.

  3. Tonti Laguna Partnership: The Tonti Laguna Group's interest in She's SINGLE Magazine underscores the media company's potential to contribute significantly to their portfolio of successful business projects.

  4. Strategic Growth: With over 702,000 monthly visitors, She's SINGLE Magazine has demonstrated impressive growth since its inception, making it an attractive investment for the Tonti Laguna Group.

Lisa K. Stephenson expressed her enthusiasm about the acquisition talks, stating, "I am thrilled about the prospect of joining forces with the Tonti Laguna Group. Their commitment to fostering innovative and impactful ventures aligns seamlessly with the mission and values of She's SINGLE Magazine. This collaboration will undoubtedly amplify our reach and influence, allowing us to empower and inspire an even broader audience of single women."

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As the acquisition process unfolds, She's SINGLE Magazine remains committed to providing its readers with empowering content. The magazine will continue its operations during this transitional period, and updates will be shared as the acquisition progresses.


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