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Are We Witnessing the Decline of The Kardashians?

by Venus Sanders

Kris Jenner, Model Kendall Jenner, Founder, Kylie Cosmetics Kylie Jenner, and Founder and CEO, KKW Kim Kardashian - Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff/ Getty Images

Listen, I am not a Kardashian hater, heck every time I see a video about them on YouTube I click it and absorb the content, but maybe it’s time for them to retire. However, they continue to be talked about, so will they ever [really] go away? When news broke that Keeping Up With The Kardashians was coming to an end on the E! Network, many of us began to wonder if that was the end of their reign. Then, guess what, they announce their comeback on Hulu where they are reportedly earning nine figures.

According to sources the family had many options about which network to call their new home, with Kris also commenting, “I’m not one to kiss and tell.” When the show first appeared on E! in 2007, production had a minimal budget. But with this transition to Hulu came a lot of changes, for starters all the members of the family have Executive Producer credits and a bigger budget. What does this mean?

An executive producer is at the top of the food chain when it comes to shows and movies—Lisa K. Stephenson for She’s SINGLE New York, Tom Cruise for the Mission Impossible franchise, Tina Fey for Mean Girls, Selma Hyack for Frida where she co-produced. Either way, you’re the one calling the shots.

An EP will ensure the show is completed on time and is usually the financier of the product—hence why they hold the power. In the case of The Kardashians, it’s apparent that with this power, comes boredom, with fans saying this Hulu series is uneventful and out of touch. A family that used to once not take themselves too seriously, is now all business.

Long gone are the days when Ryan Seacrest held the torch and would make decisions on the show’s behalf producing something that was much more relatable. We got to see the ladies at their worst and their best, funniest and lowest and it wasn’t just one big commercial. Fans are now saying the family has not been entertaining for some time. While the trailers are cool to look at, the actual show is just a “snoozefest,” one Twitter user wrote.

Others have begun to speculate that since Kim Kardashian made her debut last year at the Met Gala wearing Marilyn Monroe’s dress she has since been…haunted by bad luck. Could this be true? I mean the timing does seem legit. And with that comes Page Six recently reporting that Anna Wintour has decided not to invite the family to this year’s Met Gala. But despite the rumors and speculation nothing has been confirmed. Sources close to the family, however, deny this to be true and have stated with confidence that the family will be in attendance. It’s merely just a waiting game now.

Remember, it took them years to get an invite and then it finally happened in 2013 because of Kanye. But for the past few years, their attendance at the annual fashion event was pretty much guaranteed. Could it be the drama surrounding Kylie, Selena Gomez, and Hailey, or them simply losing relevance? Let’s be honest, while Hulu does not release the numbers for their show on the platform it’s safe to say the numbers are not that great. The trailer was released today on Twitter with one fan pointing out the stats from one account to read, 140k views, and only 190 likes…

The show is positive, the ladies want to be rebranded as businesswomen. But the issue is not their business mindsets it’s their tone-deaf presentation to the world. A world that is battling recession, meanwhile Kylie Jenner is posting photos of her and Travis captioning it, “Your jet or mine.”

They rose to fame during a time when consumers wanted aspirational content, myself included. I would re-watch their episodes on E! and take notes. Not because I admired them as people, but because I felt I could relate to them on some level. Normal girls that went from living in this compact house to owning multiple mansions. But it did not stop there, the flaunting continued, Kim, flying her friends to a private island during COVID when normal people weren’t even allowed to see their families.

The family has grown toxic. Their insane beauty standard plaguing the adolescent and now, storylines that do nothing but perpetuate a false narrative. What about Astroworld? How come nobody talks about that? How come we don’t see their reactions to that in real-time? It’s all hushed and tucked away; if it doesn’t fit the “brand” then it won’t be aired.

Everyone is over the flex. Flexing on the fans who gave you your start and wealth is kind of rude. An overly edited show with no imperfections, it’s several things leading to their “downfall”. But since joining TikTok they’ve been trying to be more relatable—both Kim and Kylie, oh Kourtney too for her brand Lemme.

I have not seen any content from Khloe as of yet on the platform, but I’m sure she’s going to stay away a bit longer especially considering the soft launch she did with Tristian for his birthday. And that is another thing…how is she a role model? Are we now teaching women that it’s okay to stay with a man who has a baby on you and approve of him denying said child? It’s bigger than being a celebrity, it’s simply human and just being humble. Celebs like Adele, Selena G., and Lizzo understand the assignment and are beloved for their darling personalities.


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