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Attorney Faith Fox Celebrates Black History Month as The Cochran Firm Newly Appointed Manager

An Exclusive by Pamela Valdez

It was not long ago that Attorney Faith Fox made the decision to open her own Law Office after overcoming several obstacles in her personal life and was determined to steer towards a positive direction. What makes Fox’s office much more different compared to other offices? She is the first to offer residents the opportunity to have unprecedented access for managing their specific legal issues and apprehensions.

Her driven personality, leadership skills, and conscientious qualities have allowed her to gain high positions in the entertainment field. Astute observers might say that Faith Fox has always displayed excellent leadership qualities. A native of Philadelphia, PA, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Temple University’s Department of Media Studies and Production before launching her first career in the entertainment business.

Fox made great strides early on holding positions that included working as a production assistant to legendary jazz musician and producer George Duke; serving as general manager for CME Records, distributed by MCA and owned by Carl Martin from the R&B group Shai; and road manager to singing greats Boys II Men, Brownstone and countless other artists. Her successful 20-year career in the entertainment industry also saw her as a consultant negotiating multimillion-dollar contracts for some of the music industry’s most notable recording artists.

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Before establishing her private practice, Faith Fox had personal matters that affected her deeply, including the divorce of her marriage, fighting for custody of her son in court, and the death of her mother during the pregnancy of her oldest child. All of these obstacles made Fox prove to herself that she was stronger than anything that blocked her path to exceed in what she knew she had to do next.

Without facing problems in life, there would be no growth within a person and for Fox, dealing with the issues in court for her son allowed her to align herself with the path of being in the legal field. Fox says, “When I left court that day in September 2011, I was determined to never allow myself to be in such a powerless position of advocacy...I was determined to fix things for myself and prevent others like me from ever experiencing it as well.”

Making the most of her current situations, she studied to complete several courses and earn her degree in law, and a part time program as well. Fox graduated cum laude with distinctive honors in pro bono service, while consistently achieving “Best Advocate” during regional competitions on the Trial Team Advocacy Honor Board, making Fox a hard-working person, not just in her personal life, but in her studies as well. She did this for her family’s sake, and for herself to prove that a bump in the road won’t knock her down.

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Fox has since then expanded her business beyond her initial goal. She has recently been appointed as the new Managing Partner for The Cochran Firm. This firm was originally built by Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. who is a known icon in the legal business. He has offices across the nation in the name of his law firm business. Fox currently runs The Cochran Firm built in Charlotte, NC and it is the first office in the state. Without facing obstacles and struggles in her life, Faith Fox would have never had the courage to go beyond her dreams and prove that in the middle of every hurdle, lies opportunity.

Attorney Faith Fox is available for legal consultation at

Reach her directly at (704) 762-1588 and via email at for speaking engagement inquiries. Follow Fox on Facebook at Attorney Faith Fox and on Instagram at @attorneyfaithfox and


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