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Avoid These 5 Actions Before Your Flight for a Smooth Travel Experience

by Venus Sanders

Don't let these crucial tips slip through the cracks when it comes to air travel.

A seasoned flight attendant based in New York has recently unveiled the five practices she strictly avoids before or during flights, shedding light on important travel insights, from steering clear of scuba diving prior to takeoff to refraining from booking tickets through third-party websites.

Leysha Perez, a TikTok user, shared her insights in a viral clip that garnered a remarkable 23,000 views. Perez's advice resonates with her experience in the industry and her commitment to ensuring a safe and comfortable journey for passengers.

One of Perez's top recommendations is to bring personal pillows and blankets from home for extended flights. Explaining that she opts out of using airlines' blankets and pillows, Perez points out that these items might not always meet hygiene standards, especially on long-haul journeys. This small preparation can significantly enhance passengers' comfort and peace of mind during their flight.

Another tip offered by Perez pertains to in-flight dining. While airline meals might seem convenient, she advises passengers not to consume every meal served on board, particularly on extended flights. Her reasoning centers around the high levels of preservatives and sodium often found in these meals. Prioritizing health, Perez suggests consuming a well-balanced diet before flying and being mindful of the in-flight meals consumed.

Perez also encourages travelers to approach fellow passengers with compassion and empathy. Addressing instances of unruly behavior or conflict on flights, she emphasizes that passengers should avoid jumping to conclusions about others' circumstances. It's crucial to remember that passengers might be facing personal challenges that contribute to their behavior. Practicing patience and understanding can make a significant difference in creating a harmonious travel environment.

To ensure passengers' safety, Perez discourages scuba diving up to 48 hours before a flight. This caution stems from the risk of developing decompression sickness, which can occur when the body hasn't had sufficient time to release excess nitrogen. This expert advice underscores the importance of considering potential health implications when planning activities leading up to a flight.

Lastly, Perez delves into a common pitfall: booking tickets through third-party websites. Her advice is straightforward and practical, particularly for parents traveling with children. Perez highlights the frustration that can arise when families book through such platforms and end up with separate seats. Third-party sites might allocate seats randomly, making it challenging for families to secure adjacent seating. For those seeking to travel with their children comfortably, Perez suggests booking directly through the airline's official website.

These insights from Perez's TikTok video reflect her dedication to making passengers' journeys smoother and more enjoyable. With a wealth of experience in the field, Perez's advice provides travelers with valuable knowledge to enhance their travel experiences. As air travel continues to evolve, adopting these tips can contribute to safer, more comfortable journeys for all passengers.

Perez has previously shared her travel wisdom with her audience, touching on other crucial matters such as avoiding the consumption of ice from airplane beverages, refraining from using seat back pockets, not walking around the cabin barefoot, and being cautious about touching items in lavatories without proper protection. The broader implications of her advice extend beyond individual convenience, contributing to a more respectful and health-conscious travel culture.

She's SINGLE has reached out to Perez for further insights and comments, recognizing the importance of her perspective in shaping a well-informed travel community.


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