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Beauty Pageant Requirements

by Molly Cohen

Photo by Bestbe Models from Pexels

Calling all SINGLE, Beauty Queens...

Beauty pageants have been a controversial topic in our society since forever. There are many debates surrounding the topics of whether or not beauty pageants are a positive or negative thing for women.

Pageants have certainty evolved over the years and aren’t the same as they used to be. Although they’ve had a negative reputation for a long time, a new view has started to form in recent years. More and more people are starting to understand them and lose their outdated misconceptions as they learn more about the new way beauty pageants are being conducted.

These old-fashioned notions of beauty pageants are certainly out of the picture now. A new wave of pageantry that emphasizes brain over beauty has emerged.

So, let’s talk about beauty pageants, and the benefits of competing in one.

Beauty pageants are about so much more now than just who has the prettiest looks. Beauty pageants have allowed women to find and gain new-found skills, experiences, and confidence.

It can be empowering for women, as they are celebrated for not just their physical appearance, but their intelligence and talent as well. This gives women a chance to boost their confidence as they learn to believe in themselves and learn to love themselves for just the way they are.

Beauty pageants are not about changing how you look but embracing it and feeling beautiful in your own skin as you walk down the stage and own every aspect of your body.

Pageants also bring new friendships. Everyone thinks its cut-throat and some women can be, but others celebrate the diversity in the room and acknowledge how amazing all their other competitors are. They can become your biggest supporters and lifelong friends.

Pageants also offer amazing prizes, like scholarships and non-profit awards. Other prizes can allow you to network and open up new and amazing opportunities for you. It helps you form connections and gets your name out there in a positive light.

Pageants also improve your communication skills greatly. Most pageants include an on-stage question or an interview. Communication is an essential skill to take with you into the workforce, and pageants teach you to speak elegantly and with confidence.

ASIAS Brands is proud to present their first annual Miss Single USA Beauty Pageant for 2021. This 2-day event will be the first ever Beauty Pageant event for She’s SINGLE Magazine. The BOLDBachelorettes we've all come to know and love will be judging, along with our special guest runway judge and celebrity host.

Photo by She's SINGLE Magazine

SINGLE and golden, we're shining a light on women from all across the country interested in modeling, music and of course, being a humanitarian. Single isn't scary, it's power and this is the event where single women will have the chance to network, speak with REAL relationship professionals, learn about their culture and overall enjoy the music and entertainment as it is all brought to life two days out of the year.

The first runner up will win a scholarship, $2,000 non-profit award, attend special events and appearances, become a guest member of the She’s SINGLE New York Cast, and a 4-spread feature in She’s SINGLE Magazine.

Some of our judges are the first BOLDBachelorette, Lily Arlin, our Cover Girl for Spring 2021, Victoria Lutsive, and our Cover Girl for Winter 2021, Kiara Smith.

Weekend festivities include evening concerts and poetry slam performances from both new and seasoned artists. Also, comedy shows, podcasts, and party after dark.

Amazing conferences like, the Independent Millennial Woman Seminar, THERAPYtalks Women and THERAPYtalks Men will be in attendance. Also, a female empowerment panel and an African American Indie Authors House.

Photo by She's SINGLE Magazine

You’ll be able to see exciting exhibitions like, fashion, wellness, entertainment, black business owners, and an entrepreneurship seminar. You’ll also have access to a variety of amazing vendors.

So how do I apply?

Our pageant application is live on our website right now! The application will need to be filled out and submitted by Sunday, August 1, 2021.

Contestants must compete in ALL of the below categories:

· Private Interview

· Talent

· Sports Wear and Swimsuit

· Evening Wear

· On-Stage Question

All other additional requirements and fees are listed on the application, as well as contact information and all official rules!

How do I attend?

If you are interested in attending the pageant, tickets are available now on our website!

We are featuring an early bird and general admission price with an option to get 10% off when you buy a membership!

We hope to see you in the Fall as we celebrate single women everywhere!

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