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Bella Hadid Provides Health Update Amid 'Painful' Lyme Disease Battle: 'Not Giving Up on Myself'

by Venus Sanders

Bella Hadid, the renowned model and influencer, has recently provided a heartfelt health update to her fans regarding her ongoing battle with Lyme disease. In an emotional Instagram post, she shared her journey of dealing with this exhausting illness and expressed her gratitude to those who have supported her throughout the years.

The post began with a poignant acknowledgment of her mother, Yolanda Hadid, who has been a constant source of support and strength during Bella's health struggles. Yolanda herself has been vocal about her own battle with Lyme disease, having been diagnosed in 2012 while filming "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Image Credit: Gotham / Contributor / Getty Images

Bella bravely opened up about the toll the disease has taken on her over the years, admitting that the symptoms have worsened with time. Despite facing tremendous challenges, she assured her fans that she is "okay" and urged them not to worry.

Reflecting on her journey, Bella expressed that while the experience has been painful, it has also been the most enlightening of her life. She emphasized that despite the invisible suffering she endured for almost 15 years, it has shaped her into the person she is today. The model shared that the journey has allowed her to spread love from a place of self-discovery, and she wouldn't change anything about it, as it has led her to be her authentic self.

The Instagram post featured photos of Bella undergoing treatments, showing her resilience and strength throughout the process. She thanked those who have been by her side, supporting her in this challenging journey.

In another post, Bella shared more images of her treatments, and this time, her loyal companion, her dog Glizzy P. Beans, was featured prominently, staying by her side throughout her health struggles.

Earlier this year, Bella revealed she was taking time off due to a flare-up in her Lyme disease, which had required daily treatment for the past four months. Additionally, she recently went through a breakup with Marc Kalman, but despite the challenges, she has been focused on maintaining her sobriety since January. Bella made the courageous decision to quit drinking and has been committed to taking care of herself mentally and physically.

The model candidly spoke about her struggles with depression and anxiety, which had a significant impact on her life. She described how social anxiety slowly crept into her life as she entered her twenties, making it harder for her to go out without turning to alcohol to calm her nerves. Bella acknowledged the unsustainable nature of her previous lifestyle, juggling demanding work commitments and battling mental and physical pain.

Through it all, Bella's journey has been a testament to her strength and resilience. She continues to inspire her fans with her honesty and openness about her health struggles, showing that even in the face of challenges, she remains determined to be her best self.

As Bella takes the time she needs for her health and well-being, her fans stand with her, providing unwavering support and admiration for the inspiring woman she is. We look forward to seeing her back in the spotlight when she's ready, as she continues to be an incredible role model for many.


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