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Benefits of Stoneware Vases

by Solange Garcia


Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels


When it comes to putting pieces in your house, you can't forget some vases. Not only do they hold your favorite plants, but they look nice as well. Stoneware clay is a classic and perfect method to create a vase for your humble abode. Here are some of the benefits of stoneware vases.


Whether you're getting a vase from Muntu or somewhere else, you want to have vases watertight. You might have a plant that needs fresh water every day, but water on certain materials tends to make it crack. However, stoneware vases have great material to help you hold your liquids for the long haul.

What makes vases unique is the process of vitrification, which turns the outer surface into such a hard material that's like glass. After cooling down, it hardens the entire surface and covers up any holes in the clay.

The tight seal is perfect for your favorite flowers and plants you want to display in your living room or on the dining room table before your meal with the family.

More Versatile

Since these are handcrafted vases, it has different textures and feels that you would enjoy. You'll be able to stand out from the décor that's in your friend's household. While the resistant material may give it a rugged appeal, it can actually be classy when completed.

You can make them in different shapes and sizes to cater to your modern or vintage aesthetic. Whether you're using flowers or dried branches, you have a place to hold everything. Not to mention, you can use different colors of clay to help you match the theme of your room.

Giving your home more color and dynamics can create a beautiful contrast to add much-needed flavor to your sanctuary after a long work week.


If you have pets or small kids, you want vases that are more durable. You never know if they may bump into them, which could cause cracks or worse. However, stoneware material can help absorb impact.

Since it's fired at a high temperature, it creates a firm outer surface for having home vases. If you tend to overwater your plants, stonewall is ideal because of the moisture it draws out of the soil. It'll make it easier to keep plants at the optimal temperature because it has better insulation.


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