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Best African American Skin Care Products

Black Skin Care by Lorraine Jones


Photo by cottonbro from Pexels


Every woman has their skin journey, the trial and error with drugstore products, and years of insecurity in the skin you're in.

Esthetician, Eden Gilliam, created her own Black-owned luxury skincare brand, Eve Milan NY. After working with thousands of clients throughout the years she gained first-hand insight into the day-to-day struggles women experience with their skin. Most of the clients Gilliam has had simply covered up their insecurities with layers of makeup, feeling hopeless in achieving the skin of their dreams. “I always ask my clients what are your goals and 90% said they wanted to be able to go out and not have to wear makeup,” said Gilliam. Gilliam studied skin nutrition and how internal factors and diet affect the skin to help her clients take a more holistic approach to their skin. Studying the role that food ingredients play in the health of skin made Gilliam pay careful attention to the harmful ingredients within the products that she not only used but recommended. This inspired the birth of EVE MILAN™| New York.

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Gilliam knows the struggles darker pigmented skin endures. “Melanated skin is more prone to inflammation than other shades which causes dark spots as a protective mechanism. Darker skin types need to focus on feeding their skin more hydrating and anti-inflammatory ingredients to prevent dark spots and shorten its visibility,” said Gilliam. Very few skin products out there have Black skin in mind. The more understanding we have of different shades of skin tones, the better maintenance and protection we can have. This skincare line was designed to restore confidence in a woman’s skin without the use of harsh chemicals. All of her products are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, artificial color, and fragrance.

Gilliam personally uses all of the toxin-free products in her simple skin routine. She’s a, straight to the point kind of person. She only has three solid steps in her daily skincare routine, a cleanser, an exfoliant with serum, and sunscreen. “A good hydrating cleanser, a chemical exfoliant is a must and a great serum / SPF are my go to’s. I can use the chemical exfoliant to help brighten underarms, elbows, knees, and to give me silky smooth legs. I can use the serum on my neck, chest, hands, earlobes, and under my eyes,” said Gilliam. She discovered Black Girl Sunscreen browsing on the site BLK + GRN. “I believe skincare should be simple and effective. The exfoliant I use which is a PHA (poly-hydroxy acid ) is a foundational product that makes everything else work better. I believe every good routine has a great exfoliant and good serums,” said Gilliam.

She notices more improvement in her skin when she incorporates internal support with vitamins and herbal tea. At first, Gilliam focused solely on topicals, but throughout her career, she realized that supplemental herbal tea, vitamins, and seamoss improves her overall health, which shows through the natural glow in her skin. Physical health reveals itself in many ways; including skin! Healthy skin goes beyond the products you use. A good and consistent routine is everything! Simple tasks such as getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and not smoking can do wonders and eliminate years off of your skin. Despite how drunk, sick, or tired you are, washing your face every night and sticking to your routine has the utmost importance in obtaining healthy skin.

Audrey Vassell created a new line of skincare products, targeting concerns of women with mature skin, with the emphasis on feeling beautiful in their current gracefully-aged skin. After struggling to find products to combat her post-hysterectomy symptoms, she was inspired to start the amazing black-owned skincare brand, Glam Essentials, which is made with women of color that are over 40 in mind so they can care for and love the skin they are in. Glam Essentials focuses on highlighting the natural glow in mature skin with products that are clean, safe, and full of antioxidants and superfoods. Glam Essential products help improve the integrity of your skin, even out your skin tone, while hydrating and improving your skin's elasticity.

Vassell's relationship with skin began 20 years ago when she became a cosmetologist. As an expert on the body’s largest organ, Vassell learned about the parabens and carcinogens in products that were available—changing the game for her. Most of the well-known producers in the beauty industry are manufacturing products that have harmful ingredients for your skin, making it impossible to find clean skincare lines. After Vassell turned 40, she realized her skin was changing and the products available were not effective and safe for her to continue using. “I needed to level-up my skincare routine, so I knew I had to create products that were safe and beneficial for myself, my family, and all skincare consumers. This is why I created Glam Essentials,” said Vassell.

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