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Best Morning Routine Habits

by Elvira Witt, Sponsored Post

Many of us know the best way to end the day: turn off all screens an hour before bedtime, avoid alcohol and big meals, and sleep early. But, after engaging in this healthy night routine, how do you continue when you wake?

Your morning routines are important to your health and well-being. While a good morning routine will boost your mood and fuel you with enough energy during the day, thus boosting your productivity, a bad morning routine could set you up for a bad day.

Here are 5 ways to start your mornings happily and healthily.


Yes, it’s difficult to wake up early and hit the streets running afterward. However, the discomfort that comes with waking up in the morning is less than what you stand to gain by engaging in early morning exercises. These exercises can help boost your concentration, energy, and mood throughout the day.

Another way to eliminate early morning tiredness if you lack time to exercise is to stretch a few minutes after waking up. This helps improve muscle blood flow and enables your muscles to work effectively.


Want to improve how you feel in the morning? Try this trick: go to bed with a part of your blinds or curtains slightly open. This way, you will be slowly woken up by the rising sunlight. If you are consistent with this tip, soon, you’ll discover that you wake up without the sound of your blaring alarm.

Don't like this wake-up-early trick? Here is another one: try to prepare your morning coffee the night before and set it on a timer before your alarm clock. This will help you wake up to the smell of coffee, which can trigger your body to wake up.

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It is common to drink coffee in the morning. But even as you do this, ensure you don't forget to follow it up with water.

While coffee helps improve brain function, protect heart health, and reduce your risk of diabetes, drinking water in the morning helps improve metabolism, helps weight loss, strengthens the immune system, and ensures that you stay hydrated.

Don’t replace water with liquids like juice, soda, or other sugary beverages. And for the best effects, consider adding maca in coffee. This will help improve your mood, reduce blood pressure, boost energy and endurance, etc.

You should start your morning with a glass of water before you prepare a cup of coffee. Don’t ignore water intake as it could result in dehydration. Dehydration can affect your focus, productivity, and mood.


It's often tempting to check your social media news feeds after waking up to catch up with the latest news, trends, or gist. While this may trigger the release of your feel-good chemical, it'll eventually interfere with your morning and the rest of your day.

So rather than use your phone immediately after you wake up, try writing in a journal or listening to a song.


It is important you start every morning strong, healthy, and in the right state of mind. And what better way to do this than implementing the tips above? These tips won’t only make you happy and healthy, but they’ll also ensure you have a productive and fulfilling day.


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