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Billy Porter Reflects on 'Bittersweet' Single Life After Adam Smith Divorce

by Riley Cook

Billy Porter is navigating the single life with a mix of emotions, describing it as "bittersweet" just a month after he filed for divorce from Adam Smith, his partner of six years. The "Pose" star made their separation public through a statement shared in recent weeks, highlighting the challenges and growth that come with such a significant change.

Image Credit: Angela Weiss / Contributor / Getty Images

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Porter discussed the complexities of this period. He humorously acknowledged the public's curiosity about his divorce, humorously intertwining his situation with singer Ricky Martin's. Despite the upheaval, Porter acknowledged the journey of learning, growing, and living that he and Smith are on.

During his time in London, Porter found himself in a location that held both sentimental and bittersweet memories. He proposed to Smith there, making it a significant part of their shared history. Although the trip carried emotional weight, Porter expressed anticipation for the next phase, playfully noting that he's now "back on the market" and joking about searching for an "English huzzzband."

The actor's recent revelation about having to sell his house due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike highlights the various challenges he's currently facing. Despite these difficulties, he emphasized that he will always carry love for his ex-husband, highlighting the deep connection they once shared.

Porter and Smith's relationship had its own unique trajectory. They initially met in 2009 and dated for about a year before separating. The actor described their early romance as "enamored" but noted that complications arose as they ventured into more serious territory. After going their separate ways, fate brought them back together five years later, leading to their engagement and subsequent marriage in January 2017.

Their decision to marry was deeply meaningful, as both individuals had grown up in environments where their identities were labeled as "abominations." The significance of their union extended beyond themselves, symbolizing progress and acceptance.

Although their marriage didn't result in children, they share the companionship of a cockapoo named Lola. This marriage was Porter's first, while it marked Smith's second.

Porter's journey has been marked by breaking barriers and overcoming societal expectations. His achievements, including winning an Emmy and earning recognition as a fashion icon, speak to his resilience and success. The actor acknowledged the importance of rewriting narratives, especially in industries where queerness was once viewed as a liability. Through his accomplishments and visibility, Porter is rewriting the narrative for future generations.

In the face of challenges, transitions, and newfound independence, Billy Porter's story is a reminder of the human experience's intricate tapestry. As he navigates this new chapter, he demonstrates a commitment to growth, self-discovery, and embracing the opportunities that lie ahead.


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