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Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Covergirl Magazine - Online Interview with Lily Arlin by Sophia DeVito

Photography by Carlton Hart Photograhy

Since gracing the cover(s) of the Summer Digital & Fall Print Issue of She's SINGLE Magazine...

Lily Arlin has kept a positive attitude amidst the worldwide pandemic. Lily has since taken the modeling world by storm and proudly displayed herself on the cover of a magazine. She has booked more shoots, allowed herself to read more books, and has decided to get her Master’s Degree in Nursing.

Quarantine has not been easy for anyone. Many people struggled with the idea of being stuck inside and having to wear a mask in public. For Lily, she took this as a time to slow down and enjoy life. While she misses being with friends and having the luxury of travel, she has been spending her downtime reading books and doing at-home workouts she finds on Youtube. The 25-year-old said she was starting to learn kickboxing rather than her normal pilates as a way to push herself to try new things. She has also started to enjoy getting fresh air, taking walks, and visiting local parks near her home in Maryland.

Lily made it her mission to get back into modeling in November of 2019. Since completing the She’s Single Magazine cover shoot, she says nothing but positive things have come from it. Since April, she has been booked by two modeling agencies as well as getting calls for different shoots, print ads, and other opportunities. She said it opened more doors for her. “Holding the publication in my hand when I got the preorder copy, it’s been surreal. I’m still in disbelief that I got the first cover.” The 5’2 model expressed her hardships about being a petite woman in the industry. She has had to be aggressive and the cover opened up more doors than she could have imagined.

This year has taught Lily to be at peace in her life. “Instead of feeling bad about things I can’t control, I’ve learned to accept the situation and think about what is in my control.” Lily has missed the way life was but she is learning to embrace the new normal. She has been booking virtual production calls and she even bought equipment so she can still do what she loves from home.

There is more to being a model than just taking a picture and looking pretty during a photoshoot. Lily encourages people who want to pursue this lifestyle to remember to be humble and learn all that you can. Also, to be resilient. “Either way in all that you do, with the quarantine or the modeling, just be positive. Knowing there’s always an upside, there’s always going to be a better day, there's going to be a light at the end of the tunnel and it helps you push through a lot of things.”

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