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Choosing the Perfect Candle Gift Set to Highlight Special Events

Guest post by Frederick Scott



There's something about candles that transforms any ordinary room into a cozy masterpiece. Their mystic glow and rich scents remained appealing even today. With the right candle gift set, you can create the perfect ambiance and elevate your home décor.


The Desired Fragrance and Scent

If you are buying for yourself, you can easily choose the scent that appeals to you the most. But if you plan on giving scented candles as a gift, you need to make sure you pick a fragrance that evokes various emotions and memories in your recipient. This can be tricky but if this is for a friend or loved one, you'll know what scent and fragrance to pick. Just be sure to pick from a trusted supplier so the scent and fragrance of your candles will last longer than mass-produced candles.

What Type of Wax Is Used in the Scented Candles?

There are various types of wax used in candle making and they make a huge difference in the quality of the finished products. Be sure to choose a candle made by a reliable supplier who knows the value of using the right candle wax. The wax determines the scent throw and the burn time of the candle.

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Below are different types of candle wax that suppliers use.


This wax has a mild and natural scent of honey; thus, you won't need as many artificial dyes and scents. If you plan on giving a candle as a gift to someone with allergies, then this is what you should look for in the candle wax. They also produce that warm and beautiful glow when lit and have less soot than paraffin wax. It has a high melting point and is also less prone to dripping. Another great thing about this type of wax is that it releases negative ions to help clean the air you breathe.

Coconut wax.

If you are looking for a sustainable option, then coconut wax is your best bet. It is completely natural and environmentally friendly since it does not need any pesticides or fertilizers. Coconuts are a renewable and natural resource, which means no harmful chemicals are released into the air when candles with coconut wax are lit. They also have an excellent throw and have the best burn time.

Paraffin wax.

This type of wax is widely and commonly used in candles. It's affordable and can easily be dyed which is why most manufacturers prefer this type of wax. This is ideal for mass-produced candles since they can hold a high amount of fragrance and color. This wax is ideal for making various types of candles, thanks to its various melting points. It can be molded into various shapes and poured into glass containers or tins.

Soy wax.

Since it is made from soybeans, this wax is eco-friendly, making them a safe choice. Since soy wax is denser and has a smaller crystal structure, it is way softer and more pliable than paraffin wax. It also has a longer and cleaner burn which makes it a great value for your money. Using this type of wax gives you peace of mind since it only emits a few toxins and less soot. Scented candles made from soy wax are the latest trend today.


You'll notice this label when you shop for candles. Many brands choose this option so they could form an eco-friendly candle that burns strong. Talk about having the best of both worlds to create a signature blend. For instance, a blend of natural soy and paraffin results in a candle that burns strong yet has a reduced carbon footprint. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that these candles are healthier for your home and your loved one's lungs too!

Why You Should Give Scented Candle Gift Set?

Finding the perfect gift for friends or loved ones can be a daunting task. You need time, effort and a lot of thought just to choose gifts for special occasions. Good thing there are gift items that go well with any decor, such as a scented candle gift set. Below are some of the reasons why you should give scented candles gift set:

They Provide Aromatherapy

Nowadays, being positive and happy is a blessing. What better way to show someone you care than scented candles that are mood boosters? Their scent triggers certain receptors in the brain to keep you feeling positive and lively. Even if you are not buying it for someone, giving yourself some pampering goes a long way as you enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.

They Add Beauty to a Space

If you want to spice up a rather bland or uninteresting interior, use candles in various sizes. Did you notice why some people buy candles without actually lighting them? This is because these candles are used for their aesthetic effect on any space. Candles are a great way to beautify your bedroom or living room. Some candles are poured into beautiful jars, releasing fragrance into a room, whether they are lit or not. Grab a few and send a candle set gift box to your loved ones and yourself.

They Help You Connect with Nature

Candles that are made with natural wax blends help encourage your loved ones to reconnect with nature. Sometimes, artificial lighting and gadgets can be overwhelming. Lighting candles help you take a break from that boxed-in feeling and help you relax naturally. When you light a candle, you are encouraging your loved ones to turn off the lights, reconnect with nature and relax.

They Are Cost-Effective and Provide Value for Your Money

When you are on a budget but still want to show someone how much you care, try gifting them with scented candles. They are budget-friendly and are easily within your budget. Some small candles have a longer burn time of around 15-20 hours, allowing you to enjoy them much longer at a fraction of the price.

They Help Stimulate Creativity

It is easy to decorate a space using scented candles. Wrap them in burlap or simply group them on a corner table. This can bring an elegant finish to your room. You can use candles of different sizes, styles, shapes, and colors for more variation. You can also put them inside glass jars that are either clear or frosted. Placing candles on top of a wood tray makes them look neat and very chic.


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