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City Girls' 'RAW' Album Faces Uncertain Reception: Projected 8K Album-Equivalent Units Wk. 1

by Diamond Brown

The City Girls have made a full-length comeback with their latest album, "RAW," released last week. The duo, comprising JT and Yung Miami, is known for bringing life-affirming, pretty-girl scam rap to the masses, and their music has been making waves since their debut in 2018 with "Girl Code," which included the hit "Act Up."

Image Credit: Prince Williams / Contributor / Getty Images

While a lot has changed since their early days, with significant growth as artists, the City Girls continue to deliver infectious tracks. "RAW" stands for "Real Ass Whores," and it's a testament to their style and swagger. The album features a variety of tracks that showcase their talent and versatility.

From the NSFW club banger "Piñata" to "Tonight," which samples Lil Kim, and the JT freestyle "No Bars," the album is a delightful mix of rap anthems. "No Bars" is especially significant as JT's first solo single since her 2019 track "JT First Day Out." This release led to the launch of the "No Bars Reform" initiative, aimed at providing resources to formerly incarcerated women to help them reintegrate into society.

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"RAW" also boasts several high-profile collaborations, including "Static" featuring Lil Durk, a trap-heavy track that gets heads nodding. There's the pop-infused "Flashy" produced by Dr. Luke, featuring Kim Petras. The City Girls praise Kim Petras, noting her incredible talent.

Usher, the future Super Bowl halftime performer, joins forces with the City Girls on "Good Love." Interestingly, the song was initially intended for Chris Brown, but it ended up in Usher's capable hands. Muni Long, another Florida native, contributes her R&B vibes to "Emotions," which showcases the group's diverse influences.

"Show Me the Money" is a fun, sing-along rap track that ensures smooth transitions throughout the album. This sequence, as JT describes it, goes from "turn down, turn up, turn down, turn up," making for a dynamic listening experience.

The City Girls are keenly aware of their place in hip-hop history, especially during the genre's 50th anniversary. They express their gratitude for being part of hip-hop and for being one of the few female rap groups in the industry.

For the City Girls, their music is about making their listeners feel good and liberated. In a world that can often feel serious and stressful, they aim to provide an escape through their music. "RAW" is a testament to their growth as artists and their commitment to delivering tracks that resonate with their fans. As they continue to rise in the rap scene, their unique style and energy are setting them apart in the industry.


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