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CO2 Extraction & CBD Oil

by Christy Moore, Sponsored Posts

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There is an ever-growing craze about CBD among people. It is available in many forms, such as extracts, capsules, patches, vapes, and topical skin treatments. There are different categories in these products. There are variants with other ingredients like Keoni or different flavors like a berry.

The carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction process happens in the food and pharmaceutical industries. However, it is gaining traction in the marijuana market. Supercritical extraction is becoming the favored technique of CBD extraction for several companies.


The use of regulated temperature and pressure to generate phase changes in CO2 (carbon dioxide) is called supercritical CO2 extraction. This process aims to extract the cannabis plant material. It takes place while keeping the integrity and quantities of terpenes contained in the plant material. CO2's phase transitions allow separating plant material of various weights during the extraction process. During the extraction process, it also protects cannabinoids from decarboxylation.


There are three main types of CO2 extraction methods:

  1. Supercritical

  2. Subcritical

  3. Mid-critical

A majority of professional and respectable firms use the CO2 extraction process. It is because it is the safest approach to manufacture the cleanest product.

The equipment required to extract CBD with CO2 is not so affordable. It is because the equipment runs on high technology. The machinery segments into three independent chambers. Each chamber has its particular task:

  • First Chamber: The CO2 is pressurized and cooled to a supercritical cold liquid state.

  • Second Chamber: The organic plant material is in the second chamber.

  • Third Chamber: The final product, including the consumed CO2, is captured in the third chamber. In this chamber, it is also reusable.

CO2 extraction is a clean and effective process. Experts only do it since the technical expertise required to run the equipment keeps amateurs away. Another factor for the same is its high cost.

CO2 cannabis extraction works so effectively because it can extract CBD from plants using pressurized carbon dioxide (that's the CO2 part in case you skipped chemistry class). CO2 works better than other extraction methods because it becomes a solvent when frozen below -69 degrees Fahrenheit, transforming it from a gas to a liquid state without losing any of the hazards that other solvents do.

The liquid CO2 is pressed to the point of becoming a property that is midway between a gas and a liquid when utilizing the supercritical CO2 extraction process.

The CO2 has reached a "supercritical" state. It can operate as both a gas and a liquid in this state. It makes it excellent for chemical extraction because it does not denature or harm the material.

Though, it is a must to ensure that the hemp oil is as safe and pure as possible and retains all the essential components that make it beneficial. CO2 extraction, when done correctly, extracts all of the vital trichomes and terpene oils. It guarantees that the goods you buy get the results you want.


CO2, which is relatively safe, is utilized as an additive in a range of popular foods and beverages. CO2 allows for the production of carbonated soft drinks, for example.

Because it is so successful, many trusted food firms have been using the CO2 extraction process for years. Coffee firms employ CO2 as a solvent to extract caffeine from coffee and generate essential oils.

CO2 extraction is the way for consumers who want to acquire the purest CBD products possible. It maintains purity, which is why it's so vital in the case of CBD products like those offered by Blue Moon Hemp. It maintains purity, which is why it's so vital in the case of CBD products. The cannabinoids generated by this process, in particular, preserve their potency without being polluted by chlorophyll or other harmful chemicals.


Processors are constantly trying for improved and safer extraction procedures as more and more cannabis users purchase extracts. While several extraction technologies exist, supercritical CO2 extraction for cannabis products appears to be the current victor.

Remember that no matter how safe your product was processed, there can still be side effects. Side effects from CBD products like CBD gummies dosage like nausea, drowsiness, reduction in appetite, dry mouth, etc., are common among users. When taking CBD gummies it is always preferable to start in a small dosage and consult your practitioner about your history of diseases or allergies to avoid consequences later.

When it comes to CBD products, the processes play a crucial role. The process of extracting hemp oil has a significant influence on the outcome. However, all methods aim to achieve the same goal. They all aim to produce a highly concentrated cannabinoid for human consumption, but there are appropriate and wrong ways to extract the oil. And, of course, even when you've limited it down to the best ways to accomplish the extraction, there are still a variety of "correct" approaches used. So, always invest wisely in your product.




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