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Cold Weather Beauty Tips for Your Skin, Hair & Lips

by Lisa Thomas, Sponsored Posts

Winter is just around the corner and we all know what that means – cozy scarves, cute boots and coats, twinkling Christmas lights, hot cocoa, the sound of snow crunching under your feet, and amazing views from your window. However, winter also has its ugly side, since it is a season when we struggle with frizzy, damaged hair, dry skin, and chapped lips due to cold weather. If you wish to avoid these problems and look amazing this winter, here are a couple of beauty tips you need to follow.


While there are factors you cannot control, such as cold winds and dry air, you can control what you eat. Proper nutrition will rejuvenate your skin from within and keep it healthy, moisturized, and glowing. Therefore, during the winter months make sure you eat plenty of fruits and veggies and drink a lot of water. To soften your skin you should include olive oil into your diet.


A great moisturizer can save your skin from becoming dry or flaky. Every morning do not forget to tone and moisturize your skin after a good cleansing, and every night apply a night cream before you go to bed. If you prefer natural ingredients over additives like parabens, sulfates, and phthalates check out Herbal Dynamics Beauty shop.

Additionally, in the winter you should use some humidifiers and their percentage should be more than 50% to moisturize your skin. In order not to damage your skin further, you should also keep your showers short, and gentle when applying products. Instead of using skin drying products you can use natural ingredients, for instance coconut oil that works well to treat dry skin, another one is oatmeal, which you can add to a bath or use cream that contains oatmeal. There are also soaps, for example, goat milk soap, that not only moisturizes and softens your skin, but also helps restore the shine, deeply cleanses and gives you that supple look.


Before you get into your tub, rub your skin with a little coconut oil. This way you will heal dryness and make your skin softer and more glowing. Also, do not use very hot water, although it can be tempting, and after a bath do not go outside for at least 30 minutes. Instead, give your skin time to completely dry before you go out into cold air.


Flaxseeds are probably not your favorite thing to eat, but they can moisturize your body from the inside and therefore should find their place in your diet. They are rich in vital fatty acids, so they can do wonders for your overall health as well. Besides them, soaked and blanched almonds, as well as soaked walnuts, can help your skin stay radiant throughout the winter months.


During cold months no matter how dry your lips are, resist the urge to lick or bite the skin on their surface. It can be tempting, but you won’t give them a chance to heal properly if you constantly chew on them. Instead, keep your lips covered with a good balm at all times, just make sure you get one with an SPF factor. Another thing you should focus on when buying a lip balm is a nourishing ingredient such as vitamin E or shea butter. Another way you can help your lips is to massage them with ghee every evening and leave a layer of this clarified butter on them overnight.


Every time you wash your hair you should apply a heavier hair conditioner or a touch of oil to the ends. Also, once a week put on a hair mask that will reduce static electricity and prevent split ends and breakage. Before you go outside make sure your hair is completely dry and avoid using curling irons that can damage your hair.


Did you think that sunscreen should only be used in summer? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. After all, the sun is out every day of the year, summer or winter, so you need to keep your skin protected at all times. Therefore, put a layer of sunscreen on your face and hands for at least 20 minutes before you go outside.


During the winter, the air in our homes is particularly dry. This little gadget doesn’t cost a fortune, and it can add moisture to the air therefore preventing dryness of the skin, nose, throat, and lips. If you have one that is rather old, make sure you check for mold and sterilize it properly.

With these tips, you won’t have to worry about dry, flaky skin, chapped lips, or damaged hair this winter.

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