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Dean McDermott Spotted Holding Hands With New Flame at Welfare Office Post Tori Spelling Separation

by Venus Sanders

Dean McDermott's love life has taken a surprising turn just four months after his announcement of divorce from Tori Spelling. The 56-year-old actor was spotted hand in hand with Lily Calo as they entered the Department of Social Services in Los Angeles, according to images published by the Daily Mail.

Image Credit: Gregg DeGuire / Stringer / Getty Images

Decked in a black T-shirt and jeans, McDermott carried a stack of white envelopes into the government office. Calo, donning a pixie haircut, green jumpsuit, and black Converse shoes, snuggled up to him while reviewing the paperwork to ensure it was correctly filled out.

Despite waiting for about 40 minutes, the couple appeared to be in high spirits, engaging in conversations with those around them. After being finally admitted into the office, they received assistance for approximately 15 minutes before leaving.

As per reports, the actor is currently residing in a five-bedroom rental home in the San Fernando Valley with four roommates.

The exact duration of McDermott and Calo's relationship remains unclear, but it seems they crossed paths while working together at Conscious Community Global. Calo serves as a Senior Account Executive for the organization, according to her LinkedIn profile (which has now since been deleted). The couple was initially photographed together last week while collaborating on a new project.

Dean McDermott, like his estranged wife Tori Spelling, has encountered challenging times following their separation. In June, McDermott confirmed the end of their 18-year marriage with a now-deleted Instagram post, expressing his sadness and stating their commitment to parenting their five children through the transition.

Although the reason for their separation was never explicitly disclosed, the couple had grappled with financial difficulties over the years (it appears to be a recurring theme these days, especially among Taurus women, when it comes to their finances. Just consider Kim Zolciak, for instance), primarily due to Spelling's extravagant shopping habits. Their financial issues became even more pronounced when they had to vacate their home due to toxic mold.

While Spelling moved with their five children into a budget motel and later an RV, McDermott was reportedly taken aback by her actions and believed she was seeking sympathy. Sources close to McDermott revealed his frustration and his offer of Josh Flagg's Bel-Air mansion for Spelling's use.

Currently, it remains uncertain where Spelling and the children are residing. However, she has been observed returning to work as she strives to regain her financial footing. The star of "Beverly Hills, 90210" is reportedly grappling with severe monetary difficulties amid their separation, according to inside sources.

Dean McDermott's newfound connection with Lily Calo marks an unexpected chapter in his life, following his recent divorce from Tori Spelling. Their journey ahead, much like Spelling's, is bound to be watched closely by the public and fans.


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