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Ditch the Dull: Unleash Your Inner Rainbow - A Playful Guide to Mastering Bright Attire

by Petar Bekjarovski, Sponsored Posts

Have you ever strolled through a store, barely glancing at the vibrant displays? Or perhaps you've hesitated before a couple of green or red dresses, only to think, "Where would I even wear this?". If you find yourself nodding in agreement, then you're in for an exciting journey to embrace the kaleidoscope of shades waiting to infuse life into your wardrobe. Our expert-backed manual on color selection and the art of ensemble crafting is your ticket to a more vibrant and expressive you.

The Black Quandary

Before we dive into a sea of vibrant choices, let's give black its due respect. There's nothing inherently wrong with black unless it has taken over your wardrobe like a stealthy ninja, and all you wear is black Pilbara shirts, black jeans, black dresses, and black boots.

Ask yourself: Why the hesitance toward bright clothes? Common culprits include:

  • The fear of looking ludicrous.

  • Fretting over others' opinions.

  • Questioning the practicality of donning a pink jacket.

  • Dreading the limelight.

These worries all stem from one root: the dread of judgment by others. Letting this anxiety rule your choices inadvertently prevents you from exploring a little joy.

Good news: you can change it!

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Discovering Your Perfect Palette

We've all been taught the "When in doubt, go black" mantra since our tender years, under the premise that black is a safe solution that suits everyone. However, not all of us harmonize with black. It's the perfect match for those with high-contrast face features, like brunettes with white skin. Conversely, soft and low-contrast appearances, such as fair-haired individuals, blossom in gentle hues.

So how'd you know what colors are for you? That's already set - stylists have identified several types of appearance and made up a color palette for each of them. But before we proceed, a couple of crucial points:

  • Seasonal color typing is not gospel: Remember, the suggested color palettes are subjective opinions. Many shades were deemed unsuitable but then turned out to be perfect in some cases. We are all unique!

  • Descriptions of various color types are averages: For instance, the winter category is often depicted with dark hair, while autumn is linked to reddish tones. But remember, these are statistical averages; exceptions abound.

Now that we've cleared all possible inaccuracies, let's explore which seasonal color type is yours.


If you radiate warmth, appearing bright and luminous from within, you fall into the spring color type. Think of Blake Lively, Mila Jovovich, and Scarlett Johansson as a reference. For warm and expressive types with lighter hair and skin, shades like light green, lilac, and azure are your go-to.

Image Credit: Angela Weiss / Getty Images


Summer boasts one of the broadest color palettes, giving room for various appearances. Case in point: Claudia Schiffer and Natalia Vodianova are so different, but both are considered "summer persons". Complementary hues for summers include light blue, moderate blue, coniferous green, and lemon yellow.

Image Credit: Dominique Charriau / Stringer / Getty Images


If you're a brown-eyed stunner with warm skin tones à la Julia Roberts, deep and warm shades are your sweet spot. Think olive, dark red, fiery hues, and rich dark turquoise. Remember, autumn's all about warmth, so cooler tones aren't your ideal match.

Image Credit: Toni Anne Barson / Contributor / Getty Images


While autumn cossets in warmth, winter flaunts bold contrasts and icy coolness, much like Liv Tyler or Megan Fox. Winter's stars shine in vivid blues, purples, and crimson.

Image Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo / Contributor / Getty Images

Playing with Color Combinations

Now that you're equipped with a vibrant palette let's explore harmonious combinations that'll sprout creativity, not chaos.

Contrasting Magic

Evoke flair by pairing two bold hues – red + green (hello, Christmas vibes!) or purple + yellow (à la iris flowers) – sourced from opposite sides of the color wheel.

Stylist's insight: Mind the proportions! The 3:1 ratio is your friend, allowing one color to dominate. And remember, to avoid a "clownish" look, blend two lively colors with neutrals.

All-In: Total Look

For those brimming with courage, enter the total-look realm – a head-to-toe color explosion. From a vibrant pantsuit to a coordinating top and bottom like a jumper + trousers or colored jeans + a matching shirt, the possibilities are exhilarating. It's a lifesaver for conferences, events, weddings, or graduation ceremonies.

Unleashing the Print Parade

Having grasped the art of color, let's decode the captivating world of prints with a few tried-and-true rules.

Zesty Zebras

Embrace the trendy and versatile zebra print, which syncs gracefully with an array of bold shades. Think grass green, canary yellow, or fuchsia for maximum impact.

Print Symphony

Planning a print medley? Choose one dominant pattern and another smaller one, united by a shared color. Keep accessories minimalistic to balance the visual feast.

Let's Wrap Up

In conclusion, while not everyone emerges from the fashion cocoon as an expert, fret not! Skills can be refined (this guide is here to assist). The true test lies in translating knowledge into action. The secret? Call upon your courage, face initial discomfort, and flaunt what resonates with your heart. Yes, it might feel unusual at first, but persevere — a couple of lively looks, and you'll find yourself captivated. Before you know it, confidence will bloom, casting an enchanting spell over your outfits and imbuing you with a mood-boosting charm.

Remember, fashion is all about self-expression, and donning bright hues is a delightful way to showcase your unique radiance. So go ahead, embrace the rainbow, and let your wardrobe sing with joyful color combinations!


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