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DIY Rave Outfit Guide

by Solange Garcia


Photo by cottonbro from Pexels


You may not have considered doing your own rave outfit when you have numerous rave clothing stores in the market - both online and in-person. But if, for some reason, you are going through a rough patch and cannot afford to buy brand new clothing for the festival of a lifetime, we still got your back. You can let your creative side take the wheel this time and create your own rave outfit from scratch!

To start, think about the style (aka theme) you're going for:

• Cosmic vibes

• Earthy essence

• A fictitious character

• Tie-dyed

• Bohemian

The list is endless - don't limit yourself! You can pick multiple themes if you wish to embody one for each day of the festival. Take your time; write down ideas, inspirations, symbols that move you, and let potential themes naturally spark from within.

After you decide your theme(s), you can begin browsing your closet for items that you could potentially use to create an ideal outfit that matches your preferred theme.

A Couple of Ideas:

• Denim Jeans

If you've got any high-waisted/mom jeans lying around because they're too big now - you can either put an elastic around the waist and even cut them into shorts (depending on your theme).

• Faded T-Shirts or Blouses

You can use the fabrics to make bandanas/headbands or even use pieces to sew onto your shorts/pants or crop tops - especially if they have cool designs.

Now, taking the extra mile:

• Vintage Blankets Or Curtains

If you got a good sewing machine or friend who could help, you could turn cotton or linen blankets and curtains into kimonos, baggy pants, shawls, etc.

• Paints

When you have some old pieces, consider painting on them to make them pop! You could paint suns, flowers, trees, plants, animals, etc.

• Cut

You can cut your t-shirts, blouses, shorts with any symbols to make them edgier. Men usually cut out a skull in their t-shirts. You could cut out hearts, triangles, or flowers!

• Make Your Accessories

You can collect flowers and make yourself a crown/tiara, and you can also gather stones or wooden beads and make bracelets or necklaces.

There is nothing else like making something from scratch and watching it take shape. And remember, there is no right or wrong when cutting, adding, or removing to create your ideal rave outfit(s)- solely remember to keep your theme(s) in mind to keep yourself on track!


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