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Do Workout Clothes Make a Difference?

Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

From tracksuits dating back to the ‘70s to neon sweatbands and legwarmers with fuchsia pink spandex being the hottest look for the gym in the ‘80s, to the birth of lofty yoga pants in the ‘90s; women have seen an expansive transformation over the decades when it comes to fitness fashion. Women have used fashion as a vehicle to help express their truest selves as well as to feel good in the skin they’re in, regardless of body type. Additionally, it isn’t any different in the realm of activewear either because nowadays with social gatherings and events limited, women want to strut their stuff any opportunity they get.

Just like you get up every morning and prepare a nice, flattering outfit to go to work, why should working out be any different? When it comes to the gym, it should still be about looking good and feeling good. A well-fitted outfit to show off your figure will add that extra boost of confidence the moment you walk through those gym doors.


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  • Full finger protection in the gym from weights, dumbbells, barbells & machines. Keep your hands protected from germs and bacteria.

  • Ultra thin and durable, with a contouring hand design to fit your hands perfectly while you workout. fits men's & women's hands.

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But for avid gymgoers or personal trainers, it’s not just about ‘looking good’ when they’re about to train, they also invest in higher-quality activewear lines due to their expertise in what materials are most beneficial to suit up and get sweaty in!

If you’re someone like me who only works out in worn-out T-shirts and old sports sweatshirts, you will be surprised to learn that the fabrics in your activewear do play an important factor in how you perform during your workouts.

According to SportPort, the fabrics that should be worn when working out are nylon, spandex, polyester, and cotton to name a few. These materials help with mobility, comfort, and breathability.

Perspective Fitwear is a woman-owned athletic clothing company that specializes in endurance and fitness apparel. They not only help you achieve that confident gym look while in the appropriate gear, but you can do good by the environment as well.


Natalie Shneck of Perspective Fitwear gave more insight about the positive impact you can be a part of when purchasing their apparel, “Our eco-friendly Good Human Tech™ fabric incorporates an innovative landfill-degradable technology, which enables our gear to fully degrade within 3 years in a landfill environment compared to 200 years with traditional synthetic fibers.”

The clothing company has a promising line of various workout gear that features the latest athletic tech: sweat-wicking, fast-drying, lightweight, breathable, and provides SPF 50+ protection.

Schneck also stated, “Our fabric has a third party OEKO-TEX® certification, which guarantees the non-existence of chemicals and toxins known to be harmful to human health.”

For women who are a fan of yoga, connecting deeper with the self and testing your flexibility, Phat Buddha is another fitness line specifically made for the passionate yoga-goer. Kuudose trainer, thirty-year yogi enthusiast and certified Pilates instructor, Ginger Harris had nothing but positive remarks for this fitness brand.

Due to her expertise within the yoga industry, Harris has a meticulous eye for clothing that works and those that do not. “One of my favorite brands to wear when working out is Phat Buddha. I love how it’s seamless and high-waisted. Those two elements alone fit the female form well and give you confidence in your workout. It’s easy to move around in, which is essential when you need to focus on your workout and not what your outfit is doing while you’re trying to get that last rep in,” Harris said.

Maybe you’re like me, who during the pandemic, has taken to working out outdoors, but what if the gym has always been your sanctuary and you’re just now allowed to go set foot in it?

How are you even supposed to go about working out with the mask?! I give major credit to all the lovely ladies out there getting in shape, especially now when you have to block off your two main breathing barriers while trying to burn calories.

Who knew one day you would be incorporating a mask into your workout gear? But hey, you won’t be allowed in the place without it!

Just like with any unprecedented event; people move fast to adapt and so can you! Instead of settling for a disposable mask—the mask your mother sewed you—or a bandana; Lunair Wellness offers The Laser Sport, a super innovative and sleek mask meant for working out and hitting the grind hard.

“This mask is made out of bonded four-way stretch microfiber nylon and 100% OEKO-TEX certified cotton treated with FUZE Technology,” said Becca Mitrisin, a representative of Lunair Wellness. Mitrisin also stated that the FUZE Technology also remains 99.9% effective after 50 washes.

Photo by Lunair Wellness


Whether you’ve been going to the gym for ten years or you’re just starting to get in the habit of it, the last thing you should have to worry about is the outfit that you plan to wear. During an intense workout, you want to be able to breathe and move with ease; so maybe it’s time to reassess and treat yourself to a shopping spree. It’s never too late to switch up your style to further improve not only how you look and feel, but your overall workout plan.

Just remember to pick what makes you most comfortable yet confident and enjoy!


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