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Emma Roberts Partners with FASHIONPHILE: A Sustainable Approach to Ultra-Luxury Fashion

by Samara Morris

Image Credit: Courtesy of FASHIONPHILE

FASHIONPHILE, the premier resale e-commerce platform specializing in pre-owned ultra-luxury accessories, has announced its first celebrity partnership with actress Emma Roberts. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for the company as it celebrates its 25th anniversary and underscores its commitment to sustainability in the fashion industry.

Emma Roberts, known for her impeccable style and commitment to sustainable fashion, joins forces with FASHIONPHILE to curate a collection of her favorite pre-loved ultra-luxury accessories. In a statement, Roberts expresses her enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the importance of sustainable consumption in today's fashion landscape.

"As a consumer, sustainability is extremely important to me, and FASHIONPHILE offers the best selection of authentic designer items while promoting a more sustainable approach to luxury shopping," says Emma Roberts. "Resale allows you to build a unique wardrobe of investment pieces, each with its own story and history."

The campaign features Roberts in a series of captivating visuals and a 30-second video, shot at FASHIONPHILE's flagship location in Chelsea, New York. In the video, she highlights the platform's commitment to authenticity and its extensive range of ultra-luxury accessories, including coveted brands like Hermès and Louis Vuitton.

Image Credit: Courtesy of FASHIONPHILE

Sophia Tsao, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer of FASHIONPHILE, expresses her excitement about the collaboration, stating, "Emma Roberts is the perfect brand ambassador to commemorate our 25th anniversary. Her passion for secondhand shopping and sustainable fashion aligns perfectly with our values, and we are thrilled to showcase her timeless style in our campaign."

As part of her role, Roberts handpicked a special collection of pre-owned ultra-luxury accessories available exclusively on FASHIONPHILE's website. From Chanel handbags to Cartier jewelry, each item reflects Roberts' impeccable taste and commitment to sustainable fashion practices.

Founded in 1999, FASHIONPHILE has revolutionized the resale market, offering a seamless platform for buying and selling pre-owned luxury accessories. With a focus on digital innovation and omnichannel experiences, the company continues to redefine the luxury resale landscape.

For more information on FASHIONPHILE and to explore Emma Roberts' curated collection, visit Join the conversation on Instagram @Fashionphile and discover the allure of sustainable luxury fashion with Emma Roberts and FASHIONPHILE.


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