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Empowering Women Through Fashion

Photo by Lucy Paris

It is no secret that our clothing has more power than just being what we put on our bodies to get dressed in the morning. Clothing can make or break your day, make you feel confident in that meeting, or make you catch the eye of someone special when you least expect it.

Above all, clothing empowers us as women. It empowers us to take on the day and to stand out in a world that is dominated by men. Women are strong and badass, and it is through our clothing that we get to express that.

Women’s Women’s Empowerment Movement:

Women empowerment means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For the CEO of Lucy Paris, Luxi Jin, it means “empowering, uplifting, and encouraging all women.” Lucy Paris is a clothing brand comprised of all-females based in Los Angeles. Jin’s team works to empower women through their wardrobe and the amazing clothing they sell.

Luxi Jin discussed Lucy Paris’ newest line, La Femme Collection, which features t-shirts that celebrate and uplifts all women, and their new Cozy Loungewear Collection, which inspires women from home and on-the-go.

Jin detailed the exact origins behind Lucy Paris and the journey in building the company. Lucy Paris was established in Paris in the late 90s by Jin’s father. After the brand started to gain a following, her aunt moved the company to New York. It was then that Jin jumped on board and joined the company. The women-owned operation was then further expanded to Los Angeles, where the company began to grow and partner with various department stores and boutiques. It was then that they decided to build their team and increase their brand recognition by launching their online platform. “Although Lucy Paris is constantly growing and changing, we still stay true to our family roots. My aunt continues to work as the Creative Director, I am now the Chief Executive Officer of the company,” Jin explained.

Photo by Lucy Paris

What makes this brand so unique is that they pull their inspiration from women in the different cities Jin has lived in. She uses all of her experiences from being raised in Paris, having lived in New York, and now settling in Los Angeles to make this brand what it is.

“Growing up in Paris, I've always admired the effortless style of French women. Whether they were grabbing a pastry or running an errand, they were always able to style clothing elegantly, effortlessly, and with class. I wanted to emulate the essence of Paris in many of the pieces in our collection each season. I am also inspired by the cool, minimal look and clean lines that women in New York capture in their daily wardrobe. The California cool look is basically what I see around me every day now and serves as an inspiration for every collection.”

Jin took these three cities and combined the inspiration and style she got from them to create the perfect city girl look. A big part of what encompasses this brand is female empowerment. Lucy Paris wants to support and celebrate women, and see other women be able to do the same. “Throughout time, women have been set in opposition to each other, taught to compete, and have been seen as less than our counterparts,” Jin said. “Our brand wants to support other women and celebrate women working together to achieve anything they can.”

Lucy Paris wants the women who wear their clothes to feel confident, comfortable and empowered. They aim to target all women, and according to their brand mission, they “cater to the woman who does it all.” Their clothing tailors to women in the office, on the go, and at home. “Our end goal is that we want women wearing Lucy Paris to feel their best wherever they are going,” Jin said.

Their new female empowerment line, La Femme, does just that. The motivation behind the line was to celebrate and empower all women. Their t-shirts serve as reminders that women are unstoppable and can do anything, they set their minds to accomplish.


Zeanetta Rogers of The BOLDNetwork wearing Lucy Paris, Black Faux Leather Mini Skirt.

Retail: $70.00


The celebration of those women makes the Lucy Paris brand what it is. Their mission is to make clothing for women, by women, for women on the go, and women who do it all. The t-shirts include slogans like, “The Woman Who Does It All” and “I’m With Her.” Their best-selling t-shirt highlights the face of a woman in a unique way. “We hope our t-shirts can be a reminder to women of how awesome, powerful, feminine, and strong they can be!” Jin says.

Their other new line is the Cozy Loungewear Collection that features pieces that are easy to wear and comfortable. Jin says, “Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Lucy Paris was known for “dressy silhouettes.” They decided to start catering towards their customers who started working from home and created a loungewear collection that is different than the rest. Their loungewear collection is elevated, making it versatile for all occasions. According to Jin, “The collection not only maintains the dressy look, our “woman on the go” shops for, but is also convenient for her to wear at home. Although our pieces are cozy and soft and made for the stay-at-home lifestyle, it is still elevated enough to dress up or dress down.”

Photo by Lucy Paris

Lucy Paris takes pride in the fact that women can wear their loungewear for any occasion, whether that’s a zoom meeting at home or a quick trip to a coffee shop to get out of the house. Every girl boss and gal on the go needs some ideal staples and essentials in their wardrobe. According to Jin, every woman needs five important pieces: “a good button-down top, a cardigan, an easy dress, a pleated skirt, and workwear pants.”

Lucy Paris makes a classic button-down called the “Gloria Button Down,” which comes in different colors every season. It has super cute ties at the bottom to accentuate the waist. For a cardigan, the “Amelie Fuzzy Cardigan” from their loungewear collection is perfect for any occasion. “We are strong believers in an easy to throw dress, and our Maxwell Tiered Dress is perfect for women on the go,” Jin says. Lucy Paris also makes great pleated skirts to add as an essential to your wardrobe. The Dorothy Pleated Skirt and Rusty Pleated Skirts can be worn in many seasons and are very easy to style. They carry several cute colors and prints.

Photo by Lucy Paris

“Since the inception of our brand, we have always carried the ‘Diana Wide Leg Pant.’ It is the perfect wide leg pant to wear at work, on the weekends, and even at home,” Jin added.

If you’re looking to add a loungewear set to your wardrobe, the Carter Loungewear Set is one of the coziest and comfiest. It can be dressed up or worn casually!

It is important as women that we not only feel comfortable but confident in the clothing we wear. Lucy Paris empowers women through their elevated but practical fashion that is made for all women. Clothing empowers us to be loud when others are silent, to be bold when others are shy, and to be supportive when others are discouraging. As women, we need to stick together and lift each other instead of tearing each other down. We are not each other’s competition, but instead each other’s best cheerleaders and most powerful source of inspiration.

Check out Lucy Paris on Instagram @lucyparislabel and be sure to shop their new collections at

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