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FORVR Mood from Jackie Aina

Product Review by Sharon Sharpe

Okay, so as you all know I am allowed some free reign for my reviews—I can be completely honest which I love. Recently, She’s SINGLE was gifted the Sweater Weather Mini Gift Set (MSRP $50) from FORVR Mood by beloved YouTuber and Makeup Guru, Jackie Aina. Let me begin by saying this brand of product(s) is not 100% bad, but it is 95% not for me.

The candles were brought in by our Editor in Chief, I grabbed them so fast because I am a long-time fan of Jackie; I found it peculiar that she was diving into the home essentials space after having much-earned success in the beauty industry.

First, the packaging is marvelous and the scent of the box was absolutely fascinating. I could smell the candles before even opening the box! I had such high hopes for them just because of that alone. I mean, I kept holding the box to my nose because it smelled so good. I could not wait to pop them open and light one.

Moving along I took the candles home, cooked dinner, cleaned and opened the package to prepare to light my first candle. A bit about the packaging, the box is brown with a magnetic lid—instantly giving us Fall vibes (which happens to be my favorite season btw! Pumpkin Spice, anyone?)

There is a square Styrofoam protecting the candles once the lid is lifted. Underneath, you can see 4 candles meticulously placed inside, lodged into their individual cut-out spaces. Okay, so this was my first issue, the cut-outs were too tight for the candles.

I was struggling to pull that first candle out. So much so, that I ended up sticking my nail into the wax at the top of the candle. No lid. Messy! I know we’re going for luxury here, but I think the effort to remove the candles from their homes should be a bit easier. But the wick is well centered, allowing for an even burn and the wax is neatly poured.

My first candle—Gimme Olive’Em—I lit in the bathroom since the space—well mine anyway—is small and the aroma can quickly fill the room. However, sadly after about an hour, I smelled nothing. No kidding. I couldn’t smell anything at all! How disappointing. So, I shut the bathroom door and continued about my evening.

As the night began to wind down, I was preparing for bed, and when I walked into the bathroom, I got a small whiff and I kid you not I was so elated from the small smell that I cracked a smile. But why? Why is a 2.5oz scented candle retailed at $12.50 not…giving off any scent when lit? I let it burn overnight, so in its defense, it does have a long burn time—around 15 hours. But guess what, I smelled nothing in the morning.

Now granted not all scented candles are expected to give out a strong smell, some give out a strong lasting fragrance while others give out lasting mild scents. But this…gave me nothing. The culprit may be that the candles had no cover. Candles covered when you’re not using them allows less scent to evaporate, thus keeping the scent in for a longer burn time.

I love candles but for $12.50 I have to say this one is a pass. I hope that some changes can be made and FORVR Mood can find a scent to get us in a mood, any mood, even if it’s temporary. But nothing at all seems kind of unfair given the price point. I’ll stick to my Walmart and Dollar Store candles for now.


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