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Gifts for Mom Who Doesn't Want Anything

by The Editors

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

Shopping for mom can be hard, but shopping for a mom who has everything and therefore wants for nothing can be downright daunting. Editors here at She’s SINGLE understand this dilemma just as well as anyone else—from single mothers to first-time mothers bombarded with gifts already—so, what can you do for the mom who has everything?

We believe that the more sentimental the gift, the more value it holds. A locket with an image in it, stocks & bonds, a vacation for two—intangible items that can curl the lips of your loved one is such a magical feeling. Memories allow us to grow and become better people, knowing this can help you to understand why gift-giving that entails a memory is oftentimes preferred over regular physical items and/or products.

Let’s take moms greatest memory and tie it in with a gift, sentimental exchange will no doubt lift her spirits, she will not only know that you care but will be elated to know that you are also observant and thoughtful. Here’s our list of some valuable items you can gift mom this year.

Pretty connected is partnering with Sequin to provide a Talisman charm set inspired by ancient symbols and designed as a reminder of our potential to dream, heal and thrive. Sequin's charms are designed & handcrafted in the USA with components from around the world. Designed to repel negativity and attracts good luck, the talisman is dipped in 22k gold and adorned with Swarovski crystals. Retail: $58.00


FIXY Makeup is a woman-owned indie brand that prides itself in finding sustainable solutions to makeup users' biggest frustrations.

The founder Jill, with over a decade of experience as a licensed esthetician, thought, “What if I could recycle all of my broken and unused makeup instead of throwing it out?”

She learned along the way that having a great idea is just a small piece of the process and she poured her life into sharing her creation with the world. Her ultimate goal was to make creativity simple for everyone. Retail: $39.95


While on a work trip, Andrew (co-founder) woke up in a 5-star hotel bed and realized that he had just had one of the best sleeps of his life. Why? The pillow. It was made of down and feathers, and it felt luxurious – substantial, but with the appropriate amount of give. This wasn’t a generic pillow off Amazon – this one felt much more premium.

So, Andrew pulled out the pillow tag, searched on his phone and was delighted to find that the pillow was sold online, direct from the hotel chain… but for $100 and an extra $15 for shipping? Seriously? And so, with the goal of recreating that same blissful night of sleep, FluffCo was born. Retail: $65.00


Isabelle Grace Jewelry is all about accessories that are effortless, elegant and timeless. And because they believe in quality as much as looking good, each earring, necklace and bracelet is made by hand, right in their New Bedford, MA studio. There’s no assembly line, no mass production. Instead, their designs are made of the best materials and expertly crafted by people who love making beautiful things that will never go out of style. Retail: $68.00


Honor a loving super mom with a uniquely personalized book that’s perfect for Mother’s Day, a birthday, or any day of the year just because! Everyone knows moms have super-vision for finding things and super-strength for carrying copious amounts of stuff. Moms are called on to be builders, bakers, doctors, and duct-tapers.

Moms can do anything! She brightens our days and wraps us in love. “My Super Mom” makes a sweet photo-personalized gift for moms who are clever, creative, multi-tasking champions! Written by Jennifer Fox and illustrated by Sarah Gramelspacher. Hardcover; 20 pages. 8.5 x 8.5 inch. Made in the USA. Retail: $38.21 USD/ $31.89 EURO


Bee & Kin:

’The ‘Nomad’ has a branded wireless portable charger built directly into the design. A chic solution to the technological inconveniences we face when our cell phone runs out of battery. Available in three colorways: Black, Coffee and Sangria, the Nomad is 100% genuine Italian leather and can fit up to a 15 inch laptop along with books, iPad, etc.

The wireless charger also comes with a charging cable in case your phone doesn’t have wireless charging capabilities, and is located in the small front zipper pocket - making it easy to remove to charge it elsewhere. Perfect for the traveling mom! Retail: $395.00


This is the perfect and most thoughtful gift you can give. Perfect for friends, family, teachers, kids or anyone wishing for more joy. How it works: People choose a card in the morning to create an intention for the day. The set includes the May You Find Joy card deck, a birch bark card stand and a rose quartz crystal to promote self-love and healing.

Retail: $22.99


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