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Gifts for Single Moms

by The Editors

Welcome Single Moms to She’s SINGLE Magazine: The Relationship Authority. If no one told you already, you’re rocking, you’re awesome and you’re a QUEEN. With Mother’s Day only a few short days away, we decided to share some of our favorite items for you to indulge in and treat yourself for the holiday.

There is a truth about single moms that some forget, it can be very challenging. Whether you’re divorced, co-parenting with an ex, never married, or chose to be a single mom, your life is different. It can feel almost impossible to get back into the groove of things you once enjoyed, perhaps a trip to the spa, hobbies, exercising, working long hours at a job you loved, or just having a social life. When you’re a single mom office happy hours, parties and impromptu dates all take a backseat to your child and in some cases, self-care.

Some single moms take years before they begin dating again and this is understandable. It is not something to take lightly as a single parent trying to juggle having a life and raising a child, but it is a must. “It’s nice to occasionally get away, have a drink and recharge my batteries. I always feel refreshed after a night on the town and super excited to resume my mommy duties,” says one single mom.

And speaking of recharging batteries, help is a must! Being a single parent and not having the most reliable partner can take a toll on your overall mental health, but it does not have to. Be open to allowing others to help you and as child psychologists would say, when speaking about the absent parent make it quick and easy. Do not dwell.

As a single mom, it’s easy to think you have to do it all on your own, but no one is a super mom. Ask for help and accept help to avoid burnout. Once burnout happens you may find yourself taking your frustrations out on the children or child.

It can be hard to relinquish control, but it can also feel comforting to know that help is a phone call away from someone both you and your child can trust. Additionally, choosing a savings account is one way to regain control of your financial future. Look for accounts with no monthly fees and competitive interest rates.

So, for you wonderful single mommies, it’s your day, and below are amazing finds we couldn’t help but share that are cost-friendly and can help you recharge right from your own home. Take a moment to peruse the items below, you won’t regret it, and Happy Mother’s Day!

SB-3000, Retail $649.99


For new moms, even showing can be difficult, as the “me time” is so limited with a new baby. SmartBidet is a great alternative for postpartum moms who delivered via caesarean section and vaginally, as all they have to do is sit down, press of a couple of buttons, and let the bidet do all the work (no more straining, reaching, and wiping).

Bidets have long been a bathroom staple in Europe and Asia.

Royal Tanning Balm, Retail $38.00

Tanning Club

A carefully crafted formula of rich botanicals & royal jelly to keep your skin hydrated, nourished and youthful while in the sun. The key to a perfect healthy tan.

Designed to help you bronze responsibly (Vitamin D required), the esthetician-approved balm plays well with your favorite mineral SPF and is packed with antioxidants and natural UV absorbers to help restore moisture and protect skin from sun damage. Use it in the sun, after sun and as the ultimate dose of luxe hydration any time.

Bridal Glow

Don’t get dull, get even.

Brightening Booster Serum calms and clarifies your uneven skin tone, balancing dark spots for a plant-powered glow. This bottle is bursting with all-natural purifiers to reset and rejuvenate tired and dull skin.

After cleansing and toning, apply a few drops of serum to your entire face.

Recharge Body Oil, Retail $34.00

K' Essential Blends

Every day is a fresh start to, Renew, Rejuvenate, and Refresh your skin. Enriched with profound aroma therapeutic healing benefits, uplifting citrus, rose hip and sweet orange oil blend.

Our Recharge body oil is filled with endless nutrients and antioxidants to hydrate, brighten, firm, and promote overall skin health.

For extra hydration, apply body oil immediately after showering, massage body oil upward, in circular motions.

Open Your Eyes, Retail $37.00

Hey Honey

This light fluid revitalizes the appearance of your entire eye contour to deliver a bright, rested look. It wakes your eyes up by reducing puffiness, providing hydration, and tightening the skin, effectively minimizing the appearance of fine lines for a visibly lifted effect.

Can be used morning and night. Also, a great under-eye concealer primer.

United & Free

Developed with a multi-purpose formulation designed to soften coarse hair, dry skin and stretch marks.

Use it to style and moisturize hair, calm itchy stretch marks and hydrate dry skin. One multi-purpose product removes 3-4 containers from your counter and reduces waste.


Simulates natural skin cycles, utilizes the ClearBright-Complex penetrating cleansing system.

Removes makeup by absorbing, dissolving, and washing away. Cleans out accumulated grime inside your pores and restores skin clarity without the need for secondary cleaning.

Ayla Diaper Bag, Retail $199.99

Ayla & Co.

The minimal vegan leather diaper bag created without functional compromises. The Ayla Bag is designed to simplify your life so you can stay focused on what really matters.

The Ayla Bag includes lots of extras that are typically an additional cost with other companies.

Oracle Eye Cream, Retail $74.00

Apollo & Artemis Beauty by Equality

This proprietary essence is made with 20% L-ascorbic acid, enzymes and vitamins to boost your skin's nutrient status. The first step in your skincare routine, ALPHA VITAMIN C FACIAL ESSENCE preps the skin for maximum absorption of treatments that come after.

Oracle - Apollo & Artemis Best Seller - is a unique combination that delivers the power of flowers, peptides and orchid stem cells in one enriched cream. It will help battle the effects of aging around the entire eye.


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