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Glamour Magazine's Interview Blunder? Incorrect Quote Suggests Halle Bailey's Pregnancy and Marriage

by Venus Sanders

American rapper and songwriter DDG, 26, recently shared glimpses of his time with singer and actress Halle Bailey, 23, during their visit to London, England. The couple has been capturing the spotlight with their travels and appearances.

On Tuesday night, both DDG and Halle attended the Glamour Woman of the Year awards, looking stunning for the occasion. DDG posted a video on his Snapchat Story featuring the couple standing together, arms wrapped around each other, as they were photographed. The video revealed flashes from cameras capturing their glamorous presence, accompanied by off-screen admiration.

Halle dazzled in a strapless, black velvet mini dress designed by Nicole + Felicia. The dress boasted a high-waisted, tutu-like white fabric rose design, adding an elegant touch to the ensemble. She paired the outfit with simple open-toed black heels and adorned herself with a diamond necklace, dangling diamond earrings, and a sophisticated diamond bracelet.

DDG, on the other hand, rocked an all-black suit, and a substantial diamond ring on his finger caught attention. The video included a caption: "MR & MRS PUT IT ON." This caption raised speculation about their marital status, as there have been rumors suggesting that the couple might have secretly tied the knot.

Just the night before, DDG had taken to social media to share moments from their exciting date night at a London casino. The rapper expressed his pride in Halle's gaming achievements as she collected winnings from several games. He referred to Halle as his "wife" in the caption.

Speculation about Halle being pregnant has been circulating recently. This speculation was fueled partly by her choice of outfit for the Glamour Woman of the Year awards, as her dress featured a high-waisted design with white fabric roses that hinted at a fuller midsection.

Halle Bailey for Glamour Magazine/UK

Previously, DDG shared a close-up photo of Halle wearing an oversized black jacket that concealed her stomach. The couple has been enjoying their time together, sharing moments of their meals and travels on social media, leaving fans curious about what the future may hold for this dynamic duo.


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