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Golden Globes Goes Without Host 2024: Top Comedians Decline Offer

by Venus Sanders

Barbie and Ken are poised to make an appearance at the upcoming Golden Globes, but the organizers are grappling with a host conundrum, struggling to find someone with the "Kenthusiasm" to steer the event.

Image Credit: NBC / Getty Images

Despite the announcement of Globe nominations on Monday, the quest for a host is still ongoing, and notable figures such as two-time Oscar host Chris Rock have reportedly declined offers to lead the January 7 ceremony. This reluctance extends to at least four other A-list comedic actors, creating a dilemma for the Golden Globes.

Chris Rock, a seasoned host who declined the Golden Globes' offer, last attended a major awards show in 2022, notably being slapped at the Oscars by Will Smith for a controversial joke. Rock is expected to be a nominee at the upcoming ceremony for his Netflix special, "Chris Rock: Selective Outrage."

Joining him in the list of refusals is Ali Wong, a potential nominee for her role in the Netflix series "Beef." Even a joint offer to the hosts of the podcast "SmartLess"—Will Arnett, Sean Hayes, and Jason Bateman—was turned down, leaving the Golden Globes in a host quandary.

The declining trend among celebrities to host major awards shows is not unique to the Golden Globes and can be attributed to the arduous nature of the task, with extensive preparation and potential negative feedback. Veteran hosts, in particular, might find the juice not worth the squeeze, deeming it a thankless and challenging job. This reluctance has prompted the search for hosts to intensify, with CBS, the new broadcast home for the Globes, possibly casting one of its own stars for promotional benefits.

Despite the challenges in securing a host, the Beverly Hilton ballroom is anticipated to feature appearances by renowned nominees such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert DeNiro, Martin Scorsese, Margot Robbie, and other luminaries, marking the kickoff of a vibrant award season. This year's Golden Globes will be a pivotal event as the entertainment industry seeks to revive the glitz, glamour, and celebration in Hollywood after a tumultuous year marked by production shutdowns.

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The Golden Globes are also working to overcome a scandal that emerged in 2021 regarding the lack of diversity within the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), which presents the awards. The HFPA has undergone significant changes, including disbandment and new ownership by Dick Clark Productions and Eldridge Industries. While the ceremony faced challenges in the past, the alterations seem to have quelled protests, and Hollywood publicists report that their clients are eager to attend the Globes this time around.

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Nonetheless, the event's recent ratings slump underscores the need for a compelling host. The 2022 ceremony, hosted by Jerrod Carmichael, experienced the second-lowest ratings in its history, with a 26% drop in viewership compared to the previous year. This predicament leaves the Golden Globes organizers on the hunt for a big-name host who can potentially boost the event's appeal and viewership if they can find one willing to take on the task.


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