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He Doubts My Love for Him...


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Love is truly a splendid thing, but sometimes it can be a bit problematic proving to the partners we adore just how authentic our amorous emotions run. Relationships are, notoriously difficult to navigate- especially in an age so heavy with hesitancies about monogamy, anti-committal sentiments, and tendencies towards infidelity. Each person possesses an individual threshold for love. While your investment in a relationship may be quite serious, your words, actions, or attitudes might come off as too cavalier to convince your partner or otherwise. For a plethora of reasons, he may be mistrusting of love or weary about false commitment and thus, requires an increased caliber of affirmation to validate his investment. Affection is one thing, but what follows is an in-depth delve into exactly how to reassure your lover of your sincerest emotions- from secrets to sex, to speaking and sacrifices.

Be Completely Transparent About Your Past

One indisputable act that demonstrates true love is unbridled honesty- particularly, concerning events, affairs, and accidents that occurred before the relationship began. A hesitancy to disclose unappealing skeletons and shameful regrets is innate- no one desires to decimate an entire cherished partnership over the immoral acts of their past.

However, if the person you are with is as emotionally invested in you as you are with them, then the boundless love they harbor, will eventually overpower the hurt, disdain, or disappointment they temporarily feel. Allowing him an unimpeded view of your life –wrongdoings and mistakes – will illustrate how wholly you trust and adore him. In confessing your innermost secrets, you are attesting to your promises of openness, honesty, and sincerity. An absence of secrets about the past will reassure him of your commitment to integrity and ostensibly, to his faith in you. By knowing you, fully, he can believe your love, most securely.

Always Maintain Open, Honest Communication

In addition to upholding complete transparency about the past, maintaining an unmitigated conversation about opinions, emotions, and ideas in the present, is an effective way to demonstrate sincere investment in a relationship. Expressing to your partner, all salient thoughts and feelings – particularly those about the partnership – will refute any inkling of mistrust or lingering skepticism. Established open communication is especially valuable in times of dispute as it enables you to succinctly point out an issue without distressing one another. A testament of true love is solving civilly, which should always be kept in mind. When expressing adverse insight or opinions, it is vital to remain authentic in your message but kindred in your words and approach. Discouraging doubt is difficult, but by allowing your partner constant cognizance of what you’re thinking, his faith should be affirmed by your candor.

Engage as Emotionally as You Do Physically

In all honesty: emotional vulnerability can be incredibly difficult even when you are infatuated with the person you are sharing a bed with. One of the premier catalysts of doubt or suspicion in a relationship is an unbalanced equation of physical intimacy to romantic domesticity. There are a plethora of ways to convey sincere adoration sexually, but to have it be the sole expression of your love for your partner may be slightly misleading. If he feels uncertain of your commitment to the relationship, attempt to offer up increased romantic gestures or engage more frequently in activities with purely emotional purposes. The tender acts you perceive as inane or unnecessary might perhaps be the epitome of love or confirmation of dedication to your partner. Entertaining actions that are solely motivated by emotion will illustrate just how much you adore him.

Learn His Love Language and Follow Through

If your prior or existing attempts at affirming your feelings have been largely unprosperous so far, then it could mean you are misinterpreting your partner’s love language. Though there are many effective ways to certify your adoration for someone, custom tailoring your approaches to their character, desires will be even more successful and indicate how attentive you are. There is a multitude of innate ways people recognize when another cares for them: from physical affection to verbal affirmation; ample time spent together to impromptu gift-giving. Observe which acts and gestures elicit the most elation from your partner- is it warm compliments or intimate one-on-ones? Alter your actions so they exhibit adoration in ways comprehensible to him as doing such, will definitively validate your sincere commitment to him.

Prioritize His Needs Above Yours, Sometimes

Being more inclusive when thinking about the things that will benefit your partner’s wellbeing, is a huge step in being a better girlfriend and will ultimately affirm the partnership. Adjusting or sacrificing aspects of your life to accommodate your partner is an integral element of a secure, sustainable relationship. Prioritizing your significant other (in certain regards and to a healthy extent) is the epitome of pure adoration and thus, enacting such is essentially an unparalleled act.

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