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Hello Quarantine: Spending Too Much Time Together?

10 Solutions for Quarantine Relationship Issues by Lauren Bailey Roach


Quarantine has changed the daily rhythm of relationships across the globe. Whether you are staying safe together or braving the storm apart, these trying times force us all to recognize the strained areas in our relationships and make improvements. Here are the top ten solutions to issues that couples face while dating during COVID-19.

Avoid cabin fever. Your sense of listlessness and irritability may be due to the long confinement that we have faced over the past few months. As we enter the summer season, it will become even harder to stay content indoors. To avoid going stir crazy, invite your partner on a walk around your community park, go on a joyride with the windows down, or fill up an inflatable pool to relax in cool waters while getting a tan.

Set a limit on work-time. Couples who are working together at home should set boundaries between office time and free time. It is normal to lose yourself in work when there is seemingly nothing else to do, especially for those whose professions inspire values connected to personal identity. Try to stay intact with the traditional 9-5 workday, and don’t give up on making plans you can look forward to in the evening.

Stay connected with friends and family. No matter how amazing your partner is, it can be difficult to go long days without communication from people aside from them. Keep in contact with your friends and family, as you would be doing out of quarantine. Call your best friend, FaceTime your mom, Skype your niece and nephew. Staying connected to the real world will help you feel more grounded and secure during this time of social distancing.

Embrace each other’s realness. Natural beauty has made a huge comeback throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Sweatpants, body hair, and under-eye circles may be out of the ordinary, but now is the time for realness. See each other in your natural states and embrace each other’s qualities. Apply face masks and deep condition each other’s hair. Drop a bath bomb into the tub and light a few candles. Create an in-home spa where you can come together and relax after a long day.

Be honest. Pent-up anger and unspoken truths can lead to feelings of resentment. Be honest about your feelings and communicate them to your partner through gentle, yet assertive discussion. If you feel that your annoyances are valid, create a safe space where each of you can talk about positive change.

Check-in with each other. This pandemic is putting a strain on all of our emotional states. Don’t forget to check in with your partner daily. Ask them questions like, “How are you feeling mentally?” and “Are there any ways I can better support you right now?” This will keep you locked in with their state of well being and help you avoid the risk of misplaced emotions.

Take time for yourself. Too much time spent with someone can result in annoyance, boredom, and disinterest. Partake in your separate interests during your time away. Take an hour to yourself each day to do what you want to do. And while you are enjoying your own company, they have the option to do what they like, as well.

Be appreciative. No one likes to have their sacrifices ignored. Do your best to see the value in the little things. Thank each other for being considerate of one another’s space, actions, and feelings. Return favors, as well. During quarantine, it is best to make each other’s lives as easy as we can. While the outside world is unable to be enjoyed, we should strive to make each other happy on the inside.

Keep things interesting. Surprise them! Cook their favorite meal unprovoked, turn on their favorite movie and set up a fun date-night that will keep you both occupied and captivated. The dullness of quarantine doesn’t have to negatively impact your romantic relationship. Keep the romance alive by picking them flowers, massaging their shoulders, and serving them breakfast in bed. Don’t wait to plan something amazing!

Be flexible. Don’t throw your calendar out the window, but allow time in your schedule for flexibility and activities on a whim. Leave space for the unpredictable. Obstinate plans are never fun for anyone, especially during a time that already enforces such rigid boundaries.

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