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Updated: Sep 22, 2020

The Birth Of Something Bigger Than Ourselves

As a child I used to wonder, am I beautiful? Just another dark-skinned girl with a voluptuous body and hair I had to bathe in gel then wrap with two-night scarfs to keep flat enough to wear to school the next day. Yup, I was that girl. Boys never approached me, gravitating only towards my fair-skinned friends, leaving me to wonder, is my black not enough? Is my black not pretty? Should I have to overcompensate in my relationships because my looks say I should have been alone anyway? Television made it no better, those women didn’t look like me, they looked like my friends—the ones who got all the boys. Fast forward years later and I had the chance to meet a woman who is all about building bridges and opening the world to the possibility of, loving beyond the color of one’s skin.

Today, founder and editor in chief wrote words of passion and delight to her followers on Instagram, ecstatic that SHE, a millennial can bring forth to all African American women a gift, a magazine. The official birth of She’s SINGLE may come as a shock to many believing this to have been some hobby, a digital publication launched solely on a third-party app where it would stay to one day die. But no, not when Lisa is involved.

Do you know how many top tier black magazines there are catering to the African American woman? No, well, let me tell you, there’s six. Yes, you read that right, six, and of that number there are only maybe two we have come to know all too well.

But today we say congratulations to another black woman raising the bar and setting the tone for women like me, women like you and women to come who look like us. She’s SINGLE Magazine is about fun, millennial women getting their chance to shine, not only in their place of business but more importantly in their relationships. The articles provided in this publication teach women the significance of financial independence, healthy intimacy, and relationship goals we can all get behind. High valued women are found here, raised, and sent out into the world to make a difference. It is here that women like you, me and those who are not yet familiar with She’s SINGLE will come to find security, love and true sisterhood. This is not a popularity contest, this is where the slogan reads, Single Isn't Scary, It's Power. We find a plethora of women from all shades of black and different levels of income learning to love themselves, setting aside their defense mechanisms long enough to answer the question, how do I find the right person for me? But not only that, how do I prepare myself to be the right person for someone else? Flipping through this article heavy publication and reading the words found inside gave me a sense of peace. I am not alone in my thoughts, I know that I have a lot of work to do, intrinsically before I will be good enough for any man. But She's SINGLE has already begun to teach me that the color of my skin is not the problem, the texture of my hair is not the problem, my believing that the choices I was making in choosing a mate were the right choices, that was/is the problem.

I am learning now to take my time, explore myself, love myself and be patient with me. I have the power and in due time I will find the person right for me because I have made sure that I am right for them too.

I am an African American single woman and I support She’s SINGLE Magazine.

by Anne Berkley


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