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How to Dress According to Your Personality

by Lorraine Jones



The way you dress defines who you are and how you want to be perceived. Personal nuances are revealed in every wrinkle or stain, a provocative blouse, or a societal uniform and latest trend you choose to display on your body. Bits of your personality can shine through in the tiny ways you put your stamp on any classic look. How far outside of the norm do your fashion preferences stray? Do your clothes blend into your generational trends or reject what’s ‘in’ and reveal hints of yourself in every accessory? “Dressing according to my personality means following that essential self –the one that doesn't care that orange plaid and turquoise paisley does not match. Also, when I look at pictures of myself from the age when I began developing my fashion sense, I can see how my personality chose each item. There is a great picture where I'm sleeping on the sidewalk in a cute white summer dress with navy rickrack and red flowers. A pair of black winter galoshes on my feet, and an olive green knit purse on my head as a hat. I wore that purse as a hat A LOT when I wasn't worried about fashion,” said Kate Chapman, a writer, visual artist, coach, and performer featured in the Broadway productions of Mary Poppins and Les Miserables.

Chapman would describe her style as ‘earth-mother bag lady chic’. When she is infatuated with an item of clothing, she wears it like a perpetual hug until a loved one begs her to throw it out and wear something new. As she has grown into her true self, she has discovered the integrated relationship between personal style and personality. “When people see me now, I'm showing who I am immediately.”

To dress according to your personality, own every aspect of yourself; the glitter, glam, and the messy. Be free to express yourself unapologetically. “Take note of how you dress when nobody will see you. That is your essential self-playing stylist and personality is leading the way,” said Chapman. Think about what colors and themes you are drawn to when you want to be comfortable and confident. Look through your closet and see which clothes draw a reaction out of you. Whether it's a dress you feel sexy in, a jumpsuit you feel powerful in, or a color that makes you feel warm, replicate your most classic ‘YOU’ looks. “When I used to dress for culture, I was constantly put into societal roles that didn't match my inner self, and therefore weren't a good fit. Now, when I walk into a corporate environment—for example, my outfit doesn't scream, I'm a company person! I'd like to rise to the top here! It says, I'm a person who will only conform so much, I have a mind of my own, and while I won't be swinging from your chandeliers, I won't be running your quarterly meetings, either. My wardrobe sets the scene so that my personality can easily enter when permitted.” Chapman continued. Think about that one aspect of how you dress that screams ‘YOU’. It could be that messy bun that's as simple and carefree as you are or your go-to red lipstick that's fun and flirty. For Chapman, the one aspect of how she dresses that helps define her personality isn’t one specific accessory, but the lack thereof. “I don't wear a bra. I haven't for several years, since I lived in Uganda and got used to life without one. They aren't socially a thing there. I don't have tiny breasts, either. And I don't care. I don't think bras are healthy for me, and so I stopped having them as part of my life. There is a certain granola-ness to the clothing I choose, and the no bra clinches the whole look. I am walking as freely as I can through life, which includes allowing my chest to be unbound,” Kate confirmed. Decide who you want to be when you walk into a room. Your clothes set the stage so let them show your most authentic self. Dressing according to your personality simply means determining how you want to show up in the world and let your fashion do the talking.


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