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How to Dress Simple But Stylish

by Samara Morris

Maybe it’s a beautiful coat you saw in a She’s SINGLE Magazine spread, or a star giving an interview on TV looking simple but stylish. No matter the inspiration, it’s no surprise that we all dream about being really well-dressed. However, for so many our body type can cause us to be a bit self-conscious about what we should wear or how we should style the pieces we’re already in possession of.

What do I mean by this? I remember when the BBL trend was so popular that places like Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing spiked their prices because the demand for their inventory went up ten fold—everyone wanted a bodycon dress to look like Kim Kardashian.

*Side note, be careful shopping at Fashion Nova. Their inventory is mostly private label and one time my package was stolen and they never refunded me…It’s safe to say I haven't shopped there since…*

You see, it’s not that we can’t dress or don’t have style, for most of us it’s just that we don’t like the body we’re in. When we see pieces or outfits we are smitten by, we don’t jump at the idea of emulating that style to the tee because we fear how it would look on us. Women already have so much on their shoulders when it comes to their grooming, finances, and wellbeing overall, so to add another layer to that, clothing and style, the thought can seem almost insignificant.

It is because of this that we see many women tossing their closet and appearance on the very bottom of their todo list. But what if I told you that if you took those things up a notch you would notice a huge difference in your confidence and style? Flattery is the name of the game so just note there is something out there for everyone—even my tall girlies. Let me start by breaking down jeans:

Jeans are a staple in every closet which makes dressing simple and stylish a very easy thing to do. A shoulder bag, a pair of jeans, and a white tee—either cropped, mid-length or long. For the latter options, you can tuck the front in slightly and leave the back flowing if you wish. Make sure you wear a cute belt and top it off with a pair of sunglasses.

“The key to achieving a simple but stylish look is to keep the pieces inexpensive and splurge on your accessories—dainty Gold jewelry is a must, a quality handbag, cute shoes, 14k Gold earrings, and a Gold bracelet with glasses that cost more than $250.” Lisa K. Stephenson says.

Remember, a good tailor and a store like Zara along with the aforementioned suggestion will have you looking like you have it going on, no matter your body shape.


Choose stretch jeans with slim legs that hug your ass, emphasizing the curves you do have. Add a pair of heels and be sure to avoid stiff denim, loose fits, and boy cuts.


If you do not want skin-tight jeans, then get straight-cut jeans that are one size too large. To showcase your curves, get a pair of stretch jeans. This is where a tailor can become your best friend. Sometimes if the jeans make it past your waist, there could be a small loop in the back. You can go to the dry cleaners and have them take this in so that it fits your waist perfectly. Avoid flared or wide-legged jeans as they will make you look short.


Boy cuts are great! Look for low-rise, straight-leg styles.


Opt for styles that sit slightly lower than your natural waist. Sometimes it can help to buy a size larger and have the hips taken in by a tailor.


Jeans with a lower rise to elongate your torso.

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Jeans that hit you near your natural waist, with straight but not snug-fitting legs. But be sure to avoid flare jeans and anything baggy, you will look unkempt and no one wants that.


Try a style with a slightly lower rise as this will allow room for your booty without being big all over. Dark denim works well here to hide deep hips or lumps. With dark jeans you want to keep them dark, this means taking an extra step on laundry day.

Turn your jeans inside out before washing and use only cold water and add a thimbleful of vinegar. Do not ever DRY YOUR JEANS. This goes for all jeans by the way and do not use fabric softener when washing your clothes in general, but especially for your jeans.

Shopping for jeans can be exhausting, but it’s just a staple you need when you’re trying to elevate your overall look. Simple and stylish does start with a good pair of denim, from there you can add some accessories to complete the look.


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