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How to Dress With Confidence: A New Way to Lingerie with Lollipetals

by Sharon Sharpe & Molly Cohen

Photo by Lollipetals

We all may say “we dress for ourselves,” but what does that truly mean? I always thought I did this, but in reality, I still cared what other people thought and found myself still asking for other’s opinions when picking out my outfit for a night out.

Although I have gotten better at this, as I found more confidence within myself, I still have room to grow, like many. I have always found clothing as a way to express myself. But recently since quarantine, I have looked at it differently.

Clothing is something way more than self-expression, it’s something I can do for myself that no one else can. I have found such enjoyment in fashion lately and picking out different pieces.

This is because I have finally learned to let go and not let what other people think cloud my judgment or change my mind. This is what I think it truly means to dress for yourself.

One thing that has always empowered me to dress for myself is lingerie and what I choose to wear under my clothes. Lollipetals is the new way to lingerie.

Who else’s best part of their day is taking their bra off when they get home? I’ll just say it, I don’t like bras; I never have but I still need coverage. That’s where Lollipetals comes in, and in other cases, spicy lingerie depending on my overall mood.

Lollipetals has re-invented and transformed your traditional nipple cover. No more bandage-like, uncomfortable, doesn’t fit, old-fashioned pasties. Lollipetals says they’re “An innovative, fashionable approach for women who just want their girls to be free.”

The specialty about Lollipetals is that they’re made for all women. According to Lollipetals they’re meant for, “The preteen, the ambitious college student, the stay-at-home mom, the crazy aunt, and the grandma.”

I have recently tried out a pair of Lollipetals for myself, and let me just say, I was very impressed! They are soft, silky, and smooth. They allow you the confidence and empowerment that lingerie would, but without freeing restricted.

They’re sexy and practical at the same time, you get the best of both worlds with these petals! With these petals you get to choose what you want to conceal and what you want to reveal. They look completely seamless, so there isn’t ever any creases or bubbles.

Photo by Lollipetals


Lollipetals come in a range of skin tones and vibrant colors and are made from high-quality silicone. I tried out the Red Poppy style and loved them. They are super easy to apply and each pair is re-usable, so you can wear them again and again!

The way they are designed makes sure that the petal will shape and form to the natural curve of your breast. Because they are so thin, no one can see them, unless of course, you want them too!

Lollipetals also come with a cute travel case! It is the perfect way to store them and keep them clean. Also, it’s an easy way to take them on-the-go!

I felt empowered and sexy, but most of all comfortable when I wear these petals. I dress for myself when I choose to put these on, instead of a tight and restricting bra that I don’t want to wear. I choose when I wear Lollipetals, and I gain all the confidence in the world. I feel fierce.

That is what dressing for yourself is all about; feeling like your best self and not having a care in the world what others think. After all, at the end of the day, the only opinion that should matter is your own. Don’t let others weigh you down and do something for yourself today.

Check out Lollipetals at and on Instagram @mylollipetals

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