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How to Dry Clean a Suit

by Samara Morris

In the realm of men's fashion, few garments command as much attention and respect as a well-tailored suit.

It's the epitome of elegance, a symbol of sophistication, and an investment in one's personal style. Yet, the care and maintenance of a suit are often overlooked, leading to premature wear and tear that can detract from its pristine appearance. Fear not, for we are here to guide you through the process of suit maintenance, ensuring that your sartorial investments stand the test of time.


Before delving into the nitty-gritty of suit care, it's essential to understand why it matters. A suit is more than just clothing—it's a statement, a reflection of your personality and attention to detail. Whether worn daily or reserved for special occasions, a suit should always be treated with care and respect.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to rely solely on dry cleaners to keep your suit looking its best. In fact, excessive dry cleaning can damage the fabric over time, leading to unnecessary wear and tear. By learning how to clean and maintain your suit at home, you can prolong its lifespan and preserve its pristine appearance.


The journey to suit mastery begins with a few fundamental principles:

  1. Regular Brushing: Invest in a high-quality suit brush and make it a habit to brush your suit after each wear. This simple act removes dust, dirt, and other particles that can accumulate on the fabric, helping to maintain its appearance and longevity.

  2. Quality Hangers: Say goodbye to flimsy wire hangers and invest in quality wooden or padded hangers designed specifically for suits. Proper hangers help preserve the shape of your suit and prevent unsightly wrinkles.

  3. Cloth Suit Bag: While your suit may come with a plastic bag, opt for a breathable cloth suit bag instead. Cloth bags allow for better airflow, reducing the risk of moth damage and keeping your suit smelling fresh.

  4. Steamer: A handheld steamer is a valuable tool for refreshing and de-wrinkling your suit between wears. A quick steam session can breathe new life into your garment, eliminating odors and ensuring a crisp, polished look.


When it comes to cleaning stains or refreshing your suit, a few simple techniques can work wonders:

  1. Spot Cleaning: For minor stains, blot the affected area with water and mild detergent, using gentle pressure. If the care label permits, you can also try using vinegar or lemon juice to tackle stubborn stains.

  2. Hand Washing: While some suits may be labeled as "dry clean only," you can safely hand wash them with cold water and a wool-specific detergent. Gently dip the suit in and out of the water, then rinse thoroughly and air dry.

  3. Machine Washing: If your suit is machine washable, turn it inside out and place it in a mesh bag to protect it during the wash cycle. Use the gentlest setting and cold water to prevent damage to the fabric.

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  1. Proper Storage: Hang your suit on a wooden hanger with the shape of the jacket to prevent wrinkles and maintain its form. Consider using a garment bag when traveling to protect your suit from wrinkles and damage.

  2. Rotation is Key: Avoid wearing the same suit every day to prevent excessive wear and tear. Rotate your suits regularly to extend their lifespan and keep your wardrobe fresh and stylish.

  3. Stay Prepared: Keep a lint roller and emergency stain remover on hand for quick touch-ups on the go. A little preparation goes a long way in maintaining your suit's impeccable appearance.

In conclusion, mastering the art of suit maintenance is essential for any gentleman who values style, sophistication, and quality craftsmanship. With the right tools and techniques, you can ensure that your suits always look their best, allowing you to step out with confidence and grace, no matter the occasion. So, embrace the challenge, and let your suits shine bright for years to come.


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